View Full Version : What a Short, Miserable Trip, it Was…

12-19-09, 04:17 AM
It all started with the other night’s sleep study
The one, that later turned my brain murky and muddy!

I got home and was not ready to go right to sleep
I tried and tried and lost my place, counting those damn sheep!

I finally fell asleep, oh Thank G-d
Going to sleep at 730 am, I know is rather odd!

I then woke up at 1045
It was too late for meds and I thought I would survive!

I figured that just one day without it, I’d be okay
Not anticipating what was in store for me that day!

I kept house keys in my left pocket to imply left home
Had trouble remembering that, felt like my head was full of foam!

I kept car keys in right pocket to imply right of way
At other times, it all sounded logical, I used to say!

The day went on, with more little mishaps
Like trying to tie my shoe, and banging my head on one of my hubcaps!!

I found myself watching TV, listening to music, chatting and reading a message board
My son said that was crazy, did I need to be taken to the Psych Ward?

I told him no, my brain was just full of clutter
All the thoughts were bunched up and held together with peanut butter!

I later drove home from my haircut, turning left at the wrong intersection
This was stupid, since I knew my route home with the utmost perfection!!

When I got to the corner, I knew I was at the wrong street
I attributed this error, from simply being beat!

I drove into my development, I am embarrassed to say
But this last incident epitomized my whole day!!

I pulled into the driveway of a house that looked like mine
I tried and tried and the garage door would not rise!

I backed up and then noticed this house was not mine
Because the number on the house was not _____ty five!!

I finally got home and was glad to be there
No longer wanting to feel my brain needed major repair!

I really learned a major lesson from all of this
Not one day’s dosage of meds will I ever miss!!

No matter how late I am in taking my medication
I refuse to even think about taking a one day vacation!!

12-21-09, 11:53 AM
Can't wait for more. Chew up that excess energy and don't look back! :D