View Full Version : Insurance Referral?

12-22-09, 05:52 PM
Hi, gang!

I could use your help... I'm an insurance dummy in Houston, TX, trying to help my ADDer find a good individual health insurance plan for his needs.

Here's the criteria:

- Lowest monthly premium possible...
- High deductible OK
- Prescription drug coverage for Adderall XR, Effexor, etc.

Any suggestions, recommendations, ideas, advice? Please don't assume I have any common sense in this area. :o

How are other contract workers in Texas managing their healthcare costs?

12-22-09, 07:58 PM
Also, has anyone dabbled in HSAs and found this to be an effective healthcare solution...? (If the insurance won't cover it, at least you can write it off?)

12-23-09, 02:56 PM
In case anyone has the same question as me, I'll try to update this thread as I find interesting things... Would absolutely appreciate hearing from anyone at anytime, though.

This thread touches on it: