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12-26-09, 03:51 PM
I currunly take no meds for my ADHD i do take xanax for orther like just to calm my brain from running to fast im afarid to be on any other meds i like my adhd at times and i no for a fact that i can get twice as much done ....but latley i been laggin so i made an appt to go see a phycholagist thaT THe other phycologist reffered me too im sure this story sound s familur to probaly .... OK so xanax peks out to many ups and downs is valium .colipin or any of those last longer what about takin xanax and adhd meds im new to this kinda although i was diagonosed when i was 8 and went un treated just put in special classes my whole life so im new to meds ....except the xanax that ive been takin on and off since i was fifteen.....just anixiours i guess i always get this way dr.s huh i just dont like meds i feel more in control without sometimes.....Anyone

12-29-09, 10:20 PM
I'd be more concerned about taking the Xanax than meds for ADHD. You can become addicted to Xanax (occasional use is okay but it could become a problem at some point) whereas stimulants for ADHD are not addictiveto those with ADHD when taken as directed.

Are you diagnosed with a specific type of anxiety? Or is it more of a situational anxiety? Then again, in some cases, anxiety is secondarily caused by ADHD and may remit when the ADHD is treated.

I have GAD, as does my daughter and my sister, and we all take Buspar for the GAD and a stimulant for our ADHD (my sister and daughter take Adderall XR and I take Vyvanse).

12-30-09, 01:13 PM
Well the xanax thing started when i was younger before being diaonosed or before my parents wanted to belive that all off the scool doctors and counselors were right ..i take the xanax just before my mind goes i can feel it comin on so thats when i break a xanax ang take does some good it slows my mind dpwn a littlle anyway i went to the doc yesterday and laid out the story now im on kloniplin, cymbalta,and serquel...diagnos anixity nos O.C.D...congtive nos.. math disabilty.. ADHD depershion ..just tested 10/21 again so i can go to collage thats why im askin i need the meds now just wanna go to school now i no what is goin on in my mind kinda,,and i can t take the adderal it makes me weird dunno thank you for your reply