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12-29-09, 10:02 PM
Their once was a man who said, "Hmm, I think I'll climb this hill if I can" then he proclaimed, "I think that if I climb this hill, then all my past will stand still and applaude me in triumpth and thrill, and he did. But then he said, "the only reason that I did this was, no practical reason, just because" and therefore he did not applaude himself as he once had assumed would be the case. But then he spotted a rabbit and thought yelled loudly, "come here rabbit!" and began to chase the poor thing, then concluded: "that was quite mean of me to do, and I need to find something nice to get into", then he set down to think.

Then he began to tell his tale, and people began to yell, "you aint no smarter than we!" Then he went to think a while, set down under a tree and proclaimed, "what is wrong with this culture?" Then along the horizen, as the sun began to set he spied a lonely vulture speeding around. At this he suddly realized, "that's why I've never had any sense" then he began to repent and covered his face with the ground, then they said, "we hate you!"

The moral to this story concludes that the only reason to pay any attention to anyone else is to learn from their mistakes.

12-29-09, 11:17 PM
I'm not sure that is the moral at all. I see a man coming face to face with his vulnerabity and the falseness of his ego. He had the courage to stare into that abyss and see it's complete fraudulence.

I see an alternative ending...
When that man looked up at all the faces filled with hatred, he was overwhelmed with forgiveness. For he too had wanted to be seen as superior now that he knew what each of these inflated beings would have to face he wished them well.

12-29-09, 11:42 PM
Art to me is being able to listen to a song that you know means one thing to the author, and allow it to mean something totally differant to you:).

01-01-10, 12:39 AM
Works for me :)