View Full Version : Diazepam Helped my Concentration - Am I hyper-reactive?

01-03-10, 09:46 AM
Hi Guys,

When I took diazepam for anti-depressant withdrawal, I found it cleared my mind and aided concentration. I was not diagnosed with ADHD at the time. I was some months later diagnosed and am being sucessfully treated with Concerta. The methylphenidate helps my focus motivation and concentration but I still suffer from social anxiety and some generalised anxiety and my thought processes are quite rigid.

I have come to recognise my anxiety as a hyper-reactive type. For some reason I am over stimulated - there is no barrier between my thought and action - and i am always too ready to react if that makes sense? Its like my mind refreshes for changes every second. My family is very much the same as this - we are all hypersensetive, so I think it may be genetic / biological.

Due to unsuccessful treatment with anti depressants for anxiety which has been present for me with ADHD since childhood, I think this may be a sensory problem related to GABA/Glutmate receptors.

Is there anyone who could shed some light on this - do you think I may have a point ? If so, what medications may be suited as treatment?

Aside from benzodiazepines - I know they work for me but the doctors really don't like them here in the UK. Are anti convulsants sometimes useful for this kind of anxiety/hypersensitivity?

Many thanks

01-03-10, 10:32 AM
I was prescribed 0.5mg Klonopin to help regulate my nighttime breathing because I was "swallowing air" which caused me to awaken 8-10 times a night. The Klonopin let me sleep through the night.

But also, on mornings where I woke up anxious, a 0.25 tab would have the same effect of quieting my mind and as a consequence let me focus.

I can't really comment on anything else.