View Full Version : I can't count my reps while exercising

01-04-10, 10:15 PM
I can't count my reps while exercising ( bodybuilding ).
I think it's because i concentrate to much on doing the exercise properly.


Where is the multitasking ?

Anyone else in my situation ? is this normal ?

01-04-10, 11:09 PM
I used to watch the the second hand on the clock. Just kept a steady pace and did 3 sets of 60 or 90 seconds. It worked for me and kept my mind busy too.

Trooper Keith
01-04-10, 11:40 PM
Do you have a spotter who can count? You should have a spotter if you're lifting any kind of serious weight.

I guess you could do 1x max reps to point of failure?

01-05-10, 12:34 AM
Any continuous numbers going through my head are bound to get mixed up. I can barely count my money.. by the first time through I begin to doubt myself and realize I skipped a number, two numbers ago

01-05-10, 01:47 AM
I guess you could do 1x max reps to point of failure?

I had to laugh at this.... but then I realized I had read it wrong!:rolleyes:

I thought you meant to just do one rep with enough weight to reach point of failure...LOL... I think it's funnier my way... :p:D;)

I had a much harder time counting laps in the pool than I've had weight lifting.

Some things that popped into my head were...

body movements designed to at least tell you whether you are on odd or even counts... stepping side to side, or front to back, just enough to know but not let anyone else see...

Using a metronome if you can have it 'tick tock' out loud without being embarrassed or disturbing any other folks.

Recording yourself doing counts for reps and cycles, then putting that on an mp3 player and timing yourself to that while you lift.
If you use something like Audacity (which is free by the way), you can record any music you might listen to while lifting and also superimpose your voice/count over the music just loud enough to keep track...

I think there were some other really good ideas already mentioned though.. the clock and a spotter