View Full Version : Back on Dex (Doubled Dose)

01-05-10, 03:46 PM
My med saga has played out on several boards, but to recap:

Started out on generic Ritalin (Methylin) 5mg IR...nada. Then 5mg IR 2x/day then 10mg IR 2x day -- still nothing.

Pdoc switched me to the dreaded Barr Dex. 5mg SR spansules....nothing (again). Then 5mg SR 2x/day -- nada. She told me to stop taking it, then she went on vacation over the holidays. She is back today, and told me to double up on the Dex to 10/mg SR 2x/day. So far, still nothing -- ugh!

I also take 150 bupropion SR 2x....

Really waiting for this "amazing focus!!" I hear so much about from ADD meds. I feel like the girl on the outside in the fog looking in *sigh*

I think Adderall is supposed to be next in line to try, though in researching, I might suggest Vyvanse.

01-05-10, 09:01 PM

Took the 10mgs (SR) this morning. My brain woke up much faster than normal (if I wake up at 8, I'm sluggish til 11:30 or 12...).

I took the second dose about 4 hours later. This time I tested to see if it's just a low dose thing, and tried 15mg (making the assumption that even if the a.m. dose "peaked," I'd still have *some* residual a.m. dose and the increased p.m. dose might at least let me know it was the "right med, wrong dose" conundrum.

Well, I'm almost 2 hours into the increased dose. Still alert and not sleepy (as I usually get in the afternoon), But that appears to be it.

Am I missing something? Is that really all it is, is just being alert? I know it's not a cure, but I thought I would feel motivated to finish things. Look at a chore that might normally bore me to tears and at least attempt to tackle it.

Is my expectation off? What should meds really be doing for me other than waking me up? Can I "concentrate?" I hear noises around me and they bug me while I am doing, I don't think I see "concentration." I hear this analogy of a "laser." Not seeing that.

Am I being unrealistic?

That being said, I think my pdoc is going to prescribe Adderall. Hopefully that makes me feel *something.*