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01-05-10, 07:52 PM
Just ordered a new touchscreen laptop, a TX2 from HP, windows 7 pre-installed: AMD Turion X2 Ultra dual-core, 1080p HD touchscreen 12.1", ATi Radeon HD4 graphics.

Wouldn't usually spring for kit in this price band, but I got a cheque from the university telling me to buy a laptop for myself. I argued about the ridiculous budget, telling them that I could get a perfectly good laptop for a third of the budget, but they just said "Okay" and sent me the cheque anyway...
Figured that I might as well find the best I could get for the amount given, so I think I tracked down something that's pretty good hardware wise, and it's got the added bonus of being a 'cool gadget' to play with!!

Like the idea of the handwriting recognition, although I might have to improve my handwriting first before it can recognise it! :o

I know there's a few variants out there, like the Panasonic Toughbook and the Acer 5739PG, as well as the one I ordered; the HP TX2.
Anyone else used a touchscreen PC?


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01-16-10, 11:40 PM
Congrats! So, did you get it yet? Is is way cool?

(I'm such an overgrown kid!)

01-17-10, 12:45 PM
Yes, I did get it, and it is way cool :)

I'm actually getting work done on it too (instead of just playing with the touch-games that came with it). It's multi-touch, so you can manipulate size/orientation/drag/drop with both hands - very interactive.
The screen is pretty neat too, you can rotate it all the way around and fold it back on itself and turn the laptop into a 'tablet' PC, you don't need the keys cos it's touchscreen! Awesome.

It came with a 'pen' that you can write on the screen with and it recognises your writing and scrawls and makes a decent version of it (pictures too, not just words).

long and short of it is - it's pretty awesome.

Logic :)

01-25-10, 03:56 AM
I have a similar laptop and I feel I am not really using it to the full advantage. I need an application that will allow me to create freehand sketches with the pen + add some text. I tried using Microsoft OneNote but it didnt seem good enoigh that I wanted to fork out for a paid version of it.

The other thing is - it would be nice to be able to scroll pages using the pen (I am not a great mouse friend!). But it seems to select text rather than scroll. What am I doing wrong.

I find handwriting useful occasionally....

01-25-10, 01:03 PM
ADB1: does the pen have a 'thumb key' on it? (not sure if that's the official technical term, but it is a little button around about where yourt thumb would sit if you're holding it conventionally).
Mine does and it took a while to figure out why it wasn't 'flicking' when i wanted it to - it was doing as you say, only highlighting and selecting stuff. There's a sensitivity control somewhere in the devices section of control panel (i'm assuming windows) where you can adjust the sensitivity of the thumb-key.

if not, I'm unsure. what OS/platform are you using?


01-25-10, 01:25 PM
yikes don't eat anything sticky while you're working! :)

01-27-10, 04:53 PM
I am using Vista. (as an aside I would quite like to run Ubuntu. Maybe i wll load it onto a Virtual Machine).

Using the button on the pen gives the equivalant of the a right click. I can't see any settings to cause it to drag, but then I don't really read help or manuals very well....