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01-06-10, 10:23 AM
We got at least 22cm of snow since yesterday evening. :D
I love it.
Snow is so magical & beautiful.
It's amazing.

Enjoy the pics!

01-06-10, 10:23 AM


01-06-10, 02:30 PM
Wow that's epic, love the pictures! We only got 2cm down in the south :(
Still managed to go snowboarding on my skateboard deck haha

01-06-10, 03:15 PM
I'm SO jealous. We got a partial day of snow last week but it rarely snows in Oregon. We got a HUGE snow storm for a week or so last year, it was crazy! It was fun for the first few days but after being stuck in the house for 3 days it got a little old. And my brother's poor friends had come over the night it started snowing and ended up getting stuck here! They were here for about a week. Luckily they're awesome and our house has plenty of extra room for people to stay over but it was intense none-the-less having three 20 year olds in the house the week before Christmas.

We got like an inch this year which was fun and my dogs LOVED it but then in the morning it was gone. I always wish it would snow like that here, but then again, after last year's snow storm (which is nothing compared to parts of the country, but Oregon absolutely shuts down in the snow, we are pros at the rain, but snow? Not so much) I would enjoy a few days but then I'd like it to go away. Or periodically do that, not all the snow from a few years of no snow coming all at once!!! :D

01-06-10, 04:01 PM
Those are wonderful pictures. Here in Holland we have almost as much snow as you have over there in England.

01-06-10, 05:34 PM
you're so lucky! it snowed for like 10 minutes here this morning but that's it...

01-06-10, 06:33 PM
yeah .

01-06-10, 06:49 PM
In Poland it's -12 and snowing outside. The snowflakes illuminated by the streetlight as they fall.... Beautiful.

Nice pics sarey... Let me know when you have some more!

Ali :)

mADD mike
01-06-10, 08:30 PM
Cool, we're supposed to get our first real snow tomorrow. I like snow. We had about 8 inches one day last winter (we normally get one decent snow a year) and my wife got me out and we played in it and had a blast. Hopefully we get to do that again.

Enjoy your snow!

01-07-10, 08:57 PM
&here's more.

&another post coming up...

01-07-10, 08:58 PM

&some of me.

01-07-10, 09:40 PM
ah, i miss the snow! thanks for sharing these, sarey:)

01-07-10, 10:37 PM
Sarey, detail in snow is hard to get, but with your camera, and either the settings it's using or the ones you are plugging in, you are getting great detail and good light without it all being washed-out-white-looking. Nice job! I wish we had snow here, I'd love to try it. Keep having fun with that camera and thanks for sharing!

01-07-10, 10:48 PM
I always like the first snow fall, but now, the midwest is in the 3rd snow storm since November. It's getting old. We got about 5 inches between last night and today.

I like your photos, sarey! Keep showing them to us! :)

01-07-10, 11:57 PM
thanks guys.
no one commented on my photos, shall i remove them??

01-08-10, 12:34 AM
no way! I think we are all enjoying them! I know I am. It's nice looking at the snow when I'm cozy warm inside

01-08-10, 01:16 AM
i ment the ones of me...

01-08-10, 01:21 AM
Oh I hope you don't remove those sarey, I really like them! (the ones of you I mean) :)

01-09-10, 11:41 PM
Oh thanks.

01-10-10, 09:57 PM
It's facinating how the pictures resemble niehborhoods around here in the middle of the US. We even have green plastic patio chairs lying on their sides! Our snow is even light and fluffy too! That's the best stuff to walk around barefoot in! It comes down heavy and slushy in the spring.

Maybe you could take pictures of the same locations when spring comes to "A place." I'ld like to see 'em.

01-11-10, 04:19 AM
I'm in the UK, Surrey.
Hence the title.

& I'll try to... not sure how my health will be at that time, but I'll try.

03-03-10, 12:22 AM
Cool photos!

I live in Surrey too! :D I'm near Gatwick, we got tons of snow too, me and my mum had to shovel it to get her car out!!

I loved it and it's the first time we've had snow like that for a long time! It's quite sad to think we may never have that again, or at least not for years yet!

03-04-10, 01:05 AM
Very cool photos! We just got 21 inches here as well, I live outside of Pittsburgh, PA in the states. I think it was our fourth largest snowfall ever! It was pretty amazing waking up the morning and looking outside to that. I was stuck eating ramen noodles for a day or two hah.

Hope you had fun in the snow! Ours is finally melting after about two weeks!