View Full Version : Nail Patella Syndrome

01-07-10, 12:43 PM
I know this doesn't apply to the majority of people here, however I feel the need to bring this up, since it might answer the questions to one or two confused people out there. I have this. I have only found this out in the past week, I never thought my thumbnails meant anything more than a small deformity. If you read up on NPS, there is also research that shows that NPSers may have a lack of serotonin production, therefore it causes elevated number of cases of both ADHD, Depression, and Chronic Fatigue.

Finding this out, and given me a completely new perspective on my life, and on my treatment. I have 3 relatives, all from the side where NPS originates all treated successfully with Paxil - so that is definitely my course of action right now.

Just thought I'd share. Might help a few folk :)