View Full Version : I was wondering Everyone Fitness goals for 2010 and progress

01-09-10, 12:26 PM
I was wondering what everyone's fitness goals are for this year.

My goals are the following:

Getting down to my idea weight My goal is to get to and maintain a weight of 190 - 200 lbs. I was up to my heaviest of 280 lbs this November. Thankfully i have gotten down to about 252 lbs since starting the first of December.

To be able to play with my son and not get winded who happens to be ADHD. At least its taking longer now for me to get winded.

My personal goal is this fall to run the Columbus Half Marathon....not necessarily finish it but at least try to finish it. I personally think- this is crazy but we will need to do something crazy once in our lifes. But personally I draw the line at "jumping out of perfectly good airplanes." :D

Maybe if I'm brave enough i will post a before and after pictures.

Now its time for someone else to post there goals for the year. :eek:

01-10-10, 12:36 AM

I didn't formally make New Year's resolutions but have been targeting certain areas in my life for improvement for some time now, with increased physical fitness being one.

I put *on* about 12 pounds since starting my ADD meds a few months ago. Those pounds I definitely want to take off, and have already seen some come off recently.

I started back into a regular walking program over the holiday season. What I need to figure out now is just what my daily and weekly goals are in terms of time spent walking. (I think I am going to play it by how I feel and see myself progressing.)

Besides being a goal for physical fitness, the walking is also a mood elevator for me. Thus, I look forward to regular walks.

Late last year I was plagued by a mysterious lower back pain. I found that drinking a lot of water helped, as did regular walking. So I want to keep that back pain at bay, as it was just exasperating, frustrating, and plain painful to have.

I'm trying to incorporate stretching exercises with my walking program, and am also thinking of adding light hand weights. Increased muscle burns up more calories, for one thing.

I'm getting older (lol) but hope that as I age I will be as physically (and mentally) fit as I can manage -- and preferably without spending a lot of extra money on gadgets to get me fit, just my own sweat and time.

Overall I'm doing better than I had been, but I still want to have regular walks in my schedule and I would like to tone up and whittle off some weight. :)