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01-10-10, 08:23 PM
I donīt really know what I expect with this post, but sometimes, I think, it is difficult to know what is normal and what is not because people donīt always talk that much. Or maybe it is me that donīt talk that much with them:p
But anyway, I think I have messed up my eating habits. I want to lose weight and have tried to do that for a while but I am not very good at it. I am too all or nothing. I have always been that, but now I am REALLY all or nothing.
I have to have 100% control of what I eat and when I have control it is easy. I can eat 500-700 calories a day without problem, but if I donīt have 100% control of what I eat (and that isnīt always easy to have), like if I eat with friends or something and it is difficult to count calories or stay 100% healthy, or I do one mistake and eat something I shouldnīt, I have no control at all. Then I eat far too much! And when i do that I just want to throw up, but I really hate that so I always give up and think that when I am stupid enough to eat like that I just have to deal with the consequences.
In the christmas holidays it was difficult to avoid a lot of food, and if I try to count calories but that is not possible I get really frustrated, so I decided to take a break from all the calorie counting, but then when I didnīt count I had no control and ate all the time. There is nothing between, it really is all or nothing. And I donīt lose weight because one day it is all and the next it is nothing and I feel like a mess. It is really idiotic:p And frustrating. I donīt feel very healthy when I keep on like that. Why canīt I just eat till Iīm full and then stop? Maybe everyone is like this, but I just donīt have enough self-discipline and willpower?

The Audience
02-26-10, 07:31 AM
I had a binge / starve eating disorder 4 years ago. I cured myself (yes cured cos I haven't slipped up since) by stopping the dieting. I completely stopped. At first I was afraid that I'd gain weight, but the truth is, because I was binging I gained weight anyway. So I decided eating like a normal person (i.e. eat what I want when I want, and no counting calories) wouldn't make me put on more weight than having this binge / starve pattern.

Well it worked. In fact I lost weight when I started to eat like a normal person. Because I ate what and when I liked I didn't feel deprived, so I didn't start binging every time I 'slipped up'. It also helped stabilise my energy, and my moods through out the day. Now, I am currently trying to lose another 5 kg (I don't really need to, but I'd like to), and I'm focusing on upping my exercise, weight lifting and eating more veggies.

If you restrict your eating you will go nuts, you need to stop.

03-01-10, 01:18 AM
I am like this sometimes, but then again I have a diagnosed eating disorder :-/ If you feel like it's taking over your life maybe it's time to see a therapist?

03-13-10, 06:18 AM
500-700 calories a day is not nearly enough. That's why you binge. Sounds like you have an eating disorder (been there, done that, it sucked majorly). Therapy would be helpful, as would working with a registered dietitian who can put you on a healthy meal plan. That would teach you how to eat in a balanced, moderate way instead of swinging from one extreme to the other.

03-13-10, 07:57 AM
People loveto eat Some people enjoy the occasional rare steak, others maybe prefer vegetables to all other foods, some, however, would prefer to consume things that many of us would consider disgusting and quite off-putting indeed. Just as you might waste your time gnawing and spitting sunflower seeds, another person might prefer the taste of glass. Maybe you like a nice bit of candy to calm your nerves, well, instead try a little bite of your own hair. Those options might sound revolting to you and I, but to a few, they’re a way of life.

04-21-10, 03:30 PM
I think that being either 100% in control of you eating or not at all probably does indicate an eating disorder.