View Full Version : Adult ADD Psych in Tasmania

01-14-10, 09:59 PM
Anyone out there living in Tasmania?

Who do you see for your meds?

Would like to hear from any adult ADD people living in Tas :D

01-23-10, 08:31 PM
We are in a bit of a pickle over here.

Having successfully taken medication for ten years (after a diagnosis as 'severe ADD' I have now been refused simply because of my original doctor - he has been deemed to have been 'over prescribing stimulants' - considering he was the only person specialising in ADD in my city one would assume he may prescribe more than others....? :confused:

I went for my 'review' at the local public hospital - the things this guy had to say would seriously make your blood BOIL.....
He sent me for a second opinion - and I was refused - again.

I told them that without my meds I will eventually have to quit my job, how it will affect my marriage, and my ability to organise my 18 year old son who has severe add also......
It's not just me, others who saw my doctor originally have also been refused.....:mad:

So, if anone reading this is from Tasmania and can recommend a doctor I would be extremely grateful.