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01-15-10, 03:05 AM
With my new found motivational powers due to starting Vyvance, I went out to my local nature center a couple of times to do some exploring with my camera. With the weather so cold, I was able to go places normally impassable due to knee deep mud. I discovered two beaver dams but sadly the water looks really polluted by rust. Here are some pictures.

Useless Comcast link was here.

Grrr. The link isn't working. I'll figure something else out.

01-15-10, 03:58 AM
Try this link.

01-15-10, 04:06 AM
Nice Pictures,

Interesting Topics,

I'm going to buy a camera.

I love beavers.


01-18-10, 08:51 PM
Went out again on Saturday. Here is the best picture of the day. Just wish the camera hadn't focused on the twig in front.

01-19-10, 01:42 PM
Very nice capture of the blue bird!
His/her eyes look fixed on a morsel below.

My eyes are taken all around, from twigs to bird to feeling the weather. Good shooting Pete :D

01-21-10, 05:27 PM
Hi Pete , that looks like an area I hunt in Southern Md. Nice pic's