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01-15-10, 06:42 PM
The weekend before school started, I decided I was going to finally take the time to do a thorough clean of my room and organize things.

I moved back home almost a year ago now and hadn't really settled in. Sure I had my movies and books and music organized, but everything else was just sort of there. I had unpacked my clothes, but instead of putting them away, I would wash them, and then they either lived on the floor or in the basket.

So, I was finally fed up with it. I think it's in part to finally being medicated and having the ability to stick to a project and knowing how to organize myself better. In the past, I'd start this huge undertaking of complex organization and it'd get to confusing for myself to even figure out my logic for why that thing should go there.

This time, it was more simple. I have everything where it needs to be. I went through some boxes in the basement and found some containers from my apartment and used them. I was finally able to throw away all the stuff I didn't need. For whatever reason, I've always been really bad at throwing things away. I'm by no means a hoarder or anything, I just never really throw away all the junk I had that had no meaning to me what-so-ever.

I did it though. I went through all my clothes. I finally got rid of all the clothes I don't actually wear and bagged them up (I still haven't taken them to Buffalo Exchange to sell, but I plan on doing that tomorrow morning). I re-organized my dresser drawers so that the clothes I wear daily are in one place, then depending on the frequency of use, they go in lower drawers (socks/underwear in top drawer, everyday clothes shirts/pants in second, workout gear/lazing around clothes in third, etc).

It's amazing to have everything finally organized. I think once I accepted everything that caused me to move back home with my parents, I was finally able to unpack and actually move in.

And I got to get creative which I love. I found so many things/containers/etc that I put to new uses for things they aren't actually meant for, but it works. I can't even describe how nice it is to finally feel organized and like I actually occupy my room, rather than just sleep here. And of course, now that it's all clean and everything, it makes studying in my room even easier! It's almost more enjoyable.

01-15-10, 07:39 PM finally feel organized and like I actually occupy my room, rather than just sleep here...

I feel the same way.
I finally straightened up my house a bit (still have a lot to go it seems), and started to hang pictures on the walls... something I have really never done well with since being on my own this time around.

I decided I had to do something to make this house feel more like a home to me. Otherwise, I was just going to always feel like a transient.

I kinda got fed up with people and spent the last three days by myself... unplugged my answering machine phone, turned the ringer off the other simple phone, and never turned on my cell phone.

I knew that if anyone really wanted to get to me, they could always knock on my door.

But the best thing is that I carried box-after-box from the shop to the house and dove into all those papers/magazines/files that have been collecting over time.

Next up are my boxes of books!

Thanks for your story, I enjoyed reading it!

And congratulations on your accomplishment!

So... did you have to take breaks every-so-often, or were you able to blast right through everything?

I have to stop myself and go do something else for a moment... like play guitar... then come right back to what I was doing.
That way, I don't reach the point of just being totally lost or out of focus, such that I can't get myself back on track.

01-15-10, 08:12 PM
Thanks for the conratulations! :D I figured that while (a) I'm super proud of myself for finally tackling everything (b) perhaps it could inspire others who are in the same position I was in from last February until a few weeks ago.

I did take breaks here and there. But I would go online, surf around, do some Facebooking, come here, go to other sites, or just sit and stretch my back (I have a bad back from a MVA almost 6 years ago, and even though I had some nerves burned in my spine a year ago, it still acts up from time to time so I have to stop, stretch, try and pop/crack the tight spots, or just sit or lay down for a few minutes then I'm good for another few hours or so).

But for the most part, I was so ingrossed in cleaning, I sort of slipped into hyperfocus/hyperdrive and just couldn't stop. The thing is, I really really enjoy cleaning, I just don't ever seem to be able to finish it, but now that I can, it was sort of fun.

I painted it how I wanted (I do some abstract painting from time to time so used each wall for a different type of painting. I love it, it's very me, and it's fun, colorful, and happy) when I first moved in (admittedly, it was RIGHT before I went to detox then rehab so I don't remember about 98% of the week or two before I went, but I was able to figure out what I started and knew how to finish, thankfully!) and finally finished my mural-type wall painting scheme some time in August I think.

Things got somewhat moved around in here while I was painting that it was pure chaos. Things everywhere. Everything unsorted. Clothes piled up everywhere. No surface uncovered. It was a mess, pure and simple.

But the best thing is that I carried box-after-box from the shop to the house and dove into all those papers/magazines/files that have been collecting over time.

Next up are my boxes of books!

That is a good feeling. I, also, went through all my books and old magazines. I recycled SO many magazines! And, now I get to start fresh with just the ones I get in the mail (which I now have magazine holders for courtesy of IKEA :D).

And my books. I had a whole shelf of old textbooks that for some reason at some point, I thought I might like to keep (!???!??). But, I didn't at all. So, I put them in a pile, copied down their ISBN numbers, and checked online to see if the incredible book store in town (they sell new and used books, and so buy back a lot of peoples' books to sell) would take any. And then took some to one of their store locations and made about $60 from a small portion of them.

Then the other day, I took some more to a different one of their locations and made about $20. I still have some, I may try their biggest store downtown, and if not, will check what's left online and then send them in to their warehouse because the different locations take different books, etc. (If you're interested in selling your old books, if you have any that you want to get rid of, and there's not a place to do so in your area, let me know and I'll give you their website, they buy books online from anywhere in the US).

It's just amazing to have everything I don't need out of here. And like you said, it does feel more like a home. That was what was missing from my room. I didn't really feel like I lived here. Sure it is my old room, and my stuff was in it, but I wasn't really living in it. I was sleeping here and spending my time either downstairs, or upstairs doing something else. It's nice to have it feel more like a home, and that it's my space. Decorated to my style/taste, and has my things.

It's a good feeling.

Congratulations on your clean and good luck going through the books. It's such a happy feeling when it's all done! :D