View Full Version : Desoxyns neurotoxicity

01-16-10, 02:28 PM
Most if not all of Desoxyns active compound (Meth) Gov't funded studies have used high doses of non pharmaceutical product, and near all show damage.

I have read of many docs report these stims can be safely taken for years-if not misused.

No material to cite, or references, but i know a 66yo man who has taken quite high doses for decades with little ill effect. He was put on these 15mg Desoxyn SR tabs at 13yo in 1957, he would take 4-5 daily for~40 years. (

These had few SEs and he was able to function near normally. since these arn't available anymore, he takes 4 of these 5mg IR tabs Q.I.D, 16 daily, 480 monthly
with far less success. He isn't a burn't out type person and has worked all his life, so neurotoxicity hasn't been a major factor for HIM.

02-06-10, 04:31 AM
I've always been curious about this drug because of what I hear about it (less side effects, including less anxiety/jitters). I'm hesitant to ask my doc for a trial though. He was relieved when we finally found something that worked in Dexedrine Spansules.

If I were prescribed it though I don't know if I could remember to take that many per day. The standard 5mg ir tab should really be expanded upon.

04-07-10, 10:51 PM
neurotoxicity results mainly from 2 things OXIDATIVE STRESS, so take ur multi vitamin that has vitamin c(water sol), e( fat sol), alpha lipopic acid, and magnesium (which is anantioxidant in its own right bt also can help tolerance via milda NMDA antagaonism)

also, taking an SSRI is the second way to stop neurotoxicity, DA is smal enough to get takien in by the SERT which is neurotoxic, its like tryin to turn a small key inside a big lock and breakin it from twistin it... SSRIs obviously block the reuptake of SERT/SE so DA doesnt get sucked in too...which is why zoloft is the best, it boosts serotonin without DA deopletion....i wouldnt take desoyxn unless i had at least 25mg or 12.5mg of zolfot in the AM with it

ps that is from recreational doses, if u take 5mg, u dont have much to worry about just check out brain optimizer cognizin, it has neuroprotective agents, along with omega 3 as well