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01-18-10, 04:52 PM
So, I met with a new Doctor for my 11yo DD. He works with a therapist that my daughter has recently been seeing. Even before seeing this doctor we got her old doctor to change her medicine. Basically eliminated the stimulants, and now we are on a mood stabilizer, Trileptal. She is doing pretty well, but still has an overall sadness. Still has some talks of suicide. However, the big rages are gone.

We decided to taper off the Trileptal to establish a new baseline for her. We are not sure if the lack of stimulants eliminated the rages, or that the Trileptal did it. So we will do this to find out.

Depending on what happens the next step will be to try and improve her depression/anxiety. He says the med with the most research is Prozac.

Then depending on what happens he would like to try Clonidine, Guanfacine, etc, which are actually antihypertension meds, but also help with ADHD.

I did ask him why the stimulant worked so well for her at first. He said that stimulants help everyone focus better. (I thought well duh, when you put it that way). He said it is hard to tell with the innattentives, whether or not stimulants are appropriate. He definately tries to rule out anxiety, depretion or mood problems before prescribing stimulants, but it is difficult and there is a lot of dissagreement in how to diagnose and treat children.

It really is tough to find a good doctor, but I think this guy will workout well.

01-18-10, 08:13 PM
Good luck to you both. Prozac was very helpful for me when I was struggling during pregnancy #2. More recently I read Amen's book about depression, figured out which category I seemed to fit and tried Wellbutrin which he suggested for my type. I do think it has been helping.

You must be curious to see how she does off all medications. When was the last time? I wonder if you could get a qEEG done while she's med-free just to see if it gives you any helpful info?

I'm glad you have a doctor you feel good about, it must make all the difference.

01-18-10, 10:52 PM
Good luck to you. As with ADHD medications, individual reactions to anti-depressives differ so much. Prozac made me really sleepy, Zoloft made me more emotional and depressed, Cymbalta didn't have any effect and was like I wasn't taking anything at all, and Celexa was a literal lifesaver that I'm still on after many years. But others react differently, so you made need to try a few meds and a few doses on each. It's a long tough process, even more than with stimulants because the effects of stimulants are pretty apparent in just a few days.

I'm also on Lamictal, a mood stabilizer. It's worked very well for me.

For what it's worth, my former psychiatrist, whom I left only for insurance reasons, said that Effexor works, but she no longer prescribes it because it has worse withdrawal than any other medication in her experience. She also said it's a good idea when you're coming off an anti-depressant that you've been on for a long time to add a low dose of Prozac because it helps with withdrawal.

01-18-10, 11:00 PM
It really is tough to find a good doctor, but I think this guy will workout well

I agree. I'm glad you found someone you feel confident in. It took me a while to trust my son's current doctor and I realize he often puts himself in their shoes before planning how to resolve the current issue.

MGDAD, you're very inspiring on your search for understanding and assisting your daughter. Your children are very lucky to have you.

Hope it works out... good luck.

01-19-10, 01:38 PM
Hopefully this doc will be a good fit.