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04-14-03, 03:01 AM
Just thought I would add a thread to this if it's ok. I would like to know what you're all time favorite meal is.

Mine is a roast done in the pressure cooker, salt and peppered on both sides (while browning), with onions sliced up on top for extra flavor. With about a cup and a half of water added to the pan to keep from burning.

Sides, homemade mashed potatoes w/ or w/o garlic. Or home made macaroni and cheese with white sauce made out of cornstarch .... (depending on size of family to decide how many cups of cooked macaroni) with chunks of cheese stirred in and slices placed along the top..... baked to a crispy golden top.

With gravy made from the drippings from the roast... also using cornstarch for a creamier gravy...... biscuits, warm from the oven.

Veggie, whatever you desire... but I like corn or peas.

Thought this would be fun! :cool:

10-24-03, 11:06 PM
This post is horrible

I just came home from work and read this post to go the fridge which I know is empty of anything thats fun to eat and now all I can think of is a nice roast beef sandwhich from the left- overs

boo hoo

sob sniffle cry

time to call the pizza guy

04-02-04, 05:15 PM
Sorry Garry.... I just now got to reading this. What is your favorite meal?

Besides pizza.