View Full Version : amazing stuff going on in this world

01-22-10, 07:43 PM
i have been out grinding though so much information,and i knew that for me to do this i had to get rid of the TV.and after that just started to look at things i allways wonderd about.

for me when i look up in the sky i think "is this it ?" if so what a waste of space.inside it seemed that i believe there is more than just us here!

next thing i know i find myself looking at crop circles :confused: they say it is done by a few drunks and a stomp board? and it done in one night :confused:

well is that is true i find it hard to believe,because what i see is some of the most fantastic images i have ever scene in my life:eek:.

and i have been so in state of aw that it is difficult to find words to express the absolute happyness i have every time i learn about them!

and as i study them they keep doing so many different things,and the way the crops are layed down in the pattern is just mind boggling.

how a 3D IMAGE is created,and as it turns out they all have meanings,not just some random pattern but images of DNA, water when hit at different freqencys ,and my favorate is the biggest one in recored history.

found a butterflyhuman/angle november 2009 in the netherlands it is so big they have to fly around it in a plane to see it:D so wonderful never have i seen such a marvel.

hope you take a moment to see the wonders

so now when i look to the sky i smile and think,and feel so much hope!