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01-23-10, 03:25 AM
I have been trying all the common adhd meds (Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin. All IR). And after a week or so my heart feels like it beats a little off, even though I went to get an ekg a month ago and it was fine.
I just get really uncomfortable when meds affect my heart, even when they're wearing or are worn off. I can't bear it anymore. I'm really sensitive to it.
Will try out other meds that won't effect me in this way.
I'll try out supplements too, that might help with attention and memory.
Caffeine/energy drinks affects me the same way as stimulants, only it makes my heart beat faster and makes me jittery.

Can anyone recommend any medications that might not effect the heart OR at least not as much?...I'm open to any that can be prescribed in the USA.
And supplements that work? (no snake oil)
I'm at wits end.

01-24-10, 07:07 PM
This is a full list of adhd medications ( if it's not on there, then it's not commonly used to treat adhd - might be helpful as it goes over all the non stimulant medications.

maybe provigil?

01-24-10, 08:45 PM
hey there,

i have to start with saying love the avatar (i haven't seen them in ages, but man, robert smith was my *hero* for a loooooong time); nicely done.

anyway, it sounds like you're having the opposite reactions that i have to stimulants. thus, i will say that the thing that worked the *least* well for me, stimulant-wise, was ritalin la (i think...might have been the sr...but definitely supposed to be longer-lasting). not a dent in the hyperactivity and totally spaced out just the same. also worthless for me was a brief stint with bupropion when it was just coming around, i think. it *was* supposed to take about 4 weeks, maybe a bit more/less, and i don't recall having stuck it out long enough...

point being: since i have the opposite reactions to the medications you cite, perhaps my dead ends could be opposites for you?

anyway, hope it helps:)

01-24-10, 09:20 PM
totally understand no meds really work for me .they even did ECT and that sucked...i had to go a different way and it is been really upsetting at the negitive attacks for it but it is helping what do you have to loose except feeling like ugh?

i posted it look in the threads i have posted in the last year and see the difference.i am doing so much better and hope to spread something that is free, no hooks

sometime people say it's to good to be true,and i use to believe it!


01-24-10, 09:25 PM
What is EFT?

totally understand no meds really work for me .they even did ECT and that sucked...i had to go a different way and it is been really upsetting at the negitive attacks for it but it is helping what do you have to loose except feeling like ugh?

i posted it look in the threads i have posted in the last year and see the difference.i am doing so much better and hope to spread something that is free, no hooks

sometime people say it's to good to be true,and i use to believe it!


01-31-10, 12:51 AM
I think you aren't giving any med enough time. Granted, most of them start working right away, but it still takes about a week (in my case) to adjust to a new med. The palpitations, etc., are all normal and understandable to a body that is a stimulant "virgin." You could just have your doc start you out at a really low dose, and then the more you get used to it, slowly raise it. That means of course you won't start benefiting for awhile, but you probably will benefit if you can stick with it.

I'd also recommend a short-acting one like Ritalin, IR. That has a half life of only 2 hours, and is really very safe. Been around over 50 years. The margin for safety dose wise is huge. This one, in case you feel the side effects too much, you can just relax and think that in a few hours most of the med will be out of your system.

There's also Provigil and Nuvigil, "untraditional" stimulants. Provigil just made me totally sleepy. Nuvigil gave me a little "kick" but no side effects and seemed to be less helpful that Vivarin for concentration, etc.

I wouldn't take an extended release one at first. Even Vyanse, which to me is so weak it is like decaf coffee, lasts and incredibly long time. And when I have tried it, much of the time I was so nauseous I couldn't get out of bed. Or I'd feel like I took a sugar pill, and then 5 hours later,out of the blue, I'd feel myheart start pumping like a wild man and it was like the dose just released all at once, suddenly overtaking my body without giving it a chance to deal with it.

That's just too much right now for you, even though later the long term ones may be useful since they are weaker, less concentrated, etc., but only after you adjust to the meds themselves in shorter term form, I'd think.
Good luck!

01-31-10, 02:38 AM
At the moment I'm not getting any income to go to my doctor either and my school starts on Monday. (Never really had income/jobs for about 2 years already).
I need to find something that will make me concentrate and hold attention that won't make my heart pound oddly.
I tried Ritalin IR and it gave me the most anxiety/odd heart beat feeling.
I don't think I'll take any pills anymore, since my heart feels better off without them.

01-31-10, 03:34 AM
The Ritalin IR gave me a bunch of side effects at first, especially during the second week. Almost all of them have completely gone away. If you try one of these meds again, give it just a little more time.

01-31-10, 09:41 AM
I just finished reading Answers to Distraction ( by Doctors Ed Hallowell and John Ratey, and they talk about the hypersensitivity that some ADHDers have, which results in them needing to take a much smaller dose of medication to get the benefits without the nasty side effects. Since you say that caffeine can also make you feel too wired, it certainly seems like a good possibility.

The doctors say they've had patients with hypersensitivity who took only half or a quarter of a dose and got the benefits without the side effects. Before you give up on the meds, try taking a smaller dose and see it helps without making you feel jittery or like your heart is going to jump out of your chest.

01-31-10, 02:42 PM
StoicNate, have you tried Strattera? It is not a stimulant. It is not always effective for some but may well be a good choice for you since you seem sensitive to stimulant medication and even coffee. Lunacie makes an excellent point. More is not always better especially when it comes to taking medication. You may very well need to take smaller doses. FWIW, I only take up to 20mg of ritalin ir per day. I usually take 5mg 3 or 4 times per day and that seems to be the best dosage for me. My doctor actually started me on a higher dose and we decided to back it down. Also, have some patience with whatever med and path you choose to take (I know this is hard for those of us with ADD). Don't expect a miraculous change over night. For some, it is like a light was switched on. However, for many of us (myself included), the light comes on a bit more slowly like the sun coming up in the morning.

Good luck.

02-02-10, 10:14 AM
Several other possibilities that you might consider. I interpret that all
Inmmediate or Intermidiate C-II stimulants in the amphetamine/dextroamphetamine, and, methylphenidate group of AD/HD meds all overstimate your heart! The subjective feeling is a tachycardia condition, althought, you state,that a EKG, does not indicate this conditon, is indeed a feeling of discomfort, that of feefing "over-amped".
1. Dexedrine Spansules in the smaller doses, such as 5 mg. in the sustained release versions, or titrate up to the 10 mg. in the sustained release versions. IMHO, they have a much gradual onset, and milder overall stimulant effect during the next 5 ot 8 hours. Also, adding a anti-
hypertensive, to the C-II extended release stimulant of your choice, such
as "Corgard", or "Inderal" (both beta-blockers) can be of some benefit to those of us,(like me) who also suffered with a co-morbid diagnosis of either GAD, and/or Panic Attacks. This can be a delicate balance, and requires some patience, and experimentalion.
2. Dexedrine Spansules, which IMHO opinion, for me are smoother, than,
Methyphenidate compounds, I might suggest, if you exhaust the milder methypheditate extended release, versions, "added with Corgard, or Inderal. pr Temorin (Atenolol).
3. If adding a beta-blocker, does not help the heart pounding, ask your M.D for the anti-seizure long-acting benzodiazepine, Klonopin, to take with the Dexedrine, starting out with a smaller dose of the Klonopin, like either .5 mg. or 1 mg. to be taked with the extended release C-II stimulant, second to Dexedrine Sulphate capsules, the "Ritalin -SR" was the weaker of the two stimulants, when my M.D, either added, Corgard, Inderal, or the med, "Verelan" (Verapramil HCI) 180 mg. ins sustained release versions, (perhaps a Calcium Channel Blocker) to aid it smoothing out the pounding heart always receive of other C-II stimulant....expecially to the "sustained release stimulants" my choise, was again brand GSK, brand Dexedrine Spansules.
4. If all Schedule II meds fail with the above combo's, including the anti-depressant "Norpramin" (in small doses of 25 to 50 mg. maximum amts per day, inaddition to your C-II sustained release stimulants, then try the following:
5. A lower Schedule stimulant, such, as "Didrex" C-III controlled substance" without, then, if that doesn't work, titrate some of the above
meds, Corgard, Inderal, Verelan, Klonopin, and even "Temerin" Tablets, (atenolol)...another anti-hypertensive med.
6. As a last resort, try asking your M.D if can take a lesser powerful stimulant, like the C-III "Didrex" by Upjohn (benzohetamine HCI) with or without the above add on meds, and, finally, the least controlled stimulants, the c-IV's, such as Tepanil or Tepanil Dospan, now marketed in the generic form as Diethyoropion Hydrochloride in either 25 mg I/R or the
75. mg. sustained release versions, or the C-III )formerly called "Prelu-II" more commonly found now in generic versons of "phendimetrazine tartrate" in a time released 105 mg. capsule.
7. Some board members have suggested "Provigil" , a very mild stimulant, that I have no personal opionion of, since I have never taken this popular, and expensive brand medication, only a C-IV stumulant.
8. Being a lifetime coffee, addict, I cut down in the mid 1990's from 6 cups a day of full strength caffiinated coffee, to 50/50 homemake brand of 1/2 caffeine, and 1/2 de-caff which I made at home for several cups in the early Am, then stopped, for the rest of the day, this minimized overstimulating my heart as well. The non-stimulant non-controlled substances, like Wellbutrin Wellbtrin XR, and/or Strattera, were a waste of my time, just my 2 cents worth. Good Luck!!!:)