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01-31-10, 09:51 AM
My system for organizing myself is working quite well now so I thought I'd share it here.

Equipment: Microsoft Exchange, Outlook on PC, smartphone

I use Microsoft Exchange so you have e-mail, calendaring, tasks, contacts in one place in the ether. Unfortunately you don't have this service provided by your employer you have to pay for it, I think you can get it for $90 a year from 1&1. I'm sure you can use gmail to do most of the same things although personally I would choose to shell out the money for MS Exchange.

The calendaring I started using a couple of years ago. Everything goes on there. If it's not on there, I won't remember it. Since then I don't forget appointments and don't have to worry about them either. (Although I am still late...doesn't help with that.) I can see them on the PC and on the phone and my phone will remind me 15mins beforehand (or whatever time I set).

Arranging meetings used to involve long e-mail conversations (e.g. 1 hi do you want coffee, 2 sure when 3 wed or thurs what time 4 5 6 etc etc 7 oh can we pospone 8 etc etc) which involves a lot of administrative work (writing and reading all those e-mails, remembering what point you are at in the discussion, putting it in your calendar - or else possibly forgetting, extra work organizing the emails after the meeting. Now I send a meeting request from Outlook. Everything beyond that just requires one or two clicks from you and the other(s) and calendaring is automatic.
(Unfortunately doesn't interoperate completely with people using gmail, just partially.)

Tasks are something I've started to use more recently as I've been reading "Getting Things Done (" (recommended). The book argues that the mind is clearer when it isn't used to remember and organize tasks/appointments; instead they should (ALL) be on external systems. (With a working memory deficit, that has to be even more important!) So I've started to put all the things I have to do in the task list. This also shows up on my phone and I can add tasks and mark them as complete there. I've been making the tasks more manageable, so that each task refers to an action that is quite easy to do, not something that requires more thought to organize. Some tasks are bigger projects and then I'll put in the notes the actions (or the next actions) that need to be done and then ticked off. I still need the will to actually do the tasks I've written down but it's definitely making things easier.

02-05-10, 03:43 AM
Sounds really good, I'm glad it is working for you.;)

I've also found that the digital age is very good for me in regards to my ADHD.

I just haven't taken full advantage of all the instruments I have at my disposal what with my BB Storm phone, iPod and MacBook Pro.

02-09-10, 02:47 AM
I've been all digital for a while, but I just bough a paper day planner. Sometimes electronic lists are easier to ignore than physical ones, so now I have a master electronic list, and I write out the super important stuff.

I think replication can be a good thing with task lists. As long as you do a weekly review and only write down a few things, your lists won't get accidentally too far out of sync.