View Full Version : New to Focalin...

02-01-10, 04:46 PM
I recently tried Adderall and liked it except for the irritability. So my doc wants me to try Focalin.

Does anyone know if Focalin will cause the irritation that Adderall caused me?

I hope not.

02-01-10, 05:12 PM
everyone is different but it probably will. Vyanse is better known for having a smooth transition into and out of. It's worth a shot though but my son is on Focalin and has irratability.

02-01-10, 07:06 PM
I tried Vyvanse. I can't take long acting meds. The Vyvanse was building up in my system and I was never getting a break from the stimulants (no sleep, etc.).

I have to stick with short acting meds. They still last 2x as long in me as they do the average person.