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02-03-10, 12:33 PM
We are having trouble with our son (1st grader) and doing his work at school. He's on Adderall XR and it has helped his mood, frustrated feelings, and distractedness beyond belief. My questions are:

Should the right medicine make his refusal to do boring work go away? (in other words should he be able to still stay on task even if he finds work boring?)

Will it help with procrastination?

Will it help knowing what to do next (ex: on a to do list, having more than one thing for homework) or with getting started on a project?

I'm trying to figure out what is just my son and his personality and what is a need to change medicine. He knows if he gets his work done what he can do next (and even verbalizes it). I rarely have trouble with him doing his homework and he doesn't seem overwhelmed or confused if he has more than one assignment. Last week at school he did his work with very little trouble. This week he is back to not working on writing assignments (which is work he finds boring).

Any suggestions?

02-03-10, 03:52 PM
yes stimulants should help with all of those things, your doctor shouldn't change stimulants unless it's not reducing the side effects of ADHD (i.e. working) OR there are moderate side effects that don't go away.

Remember that your doctor will make the decision based on the information you give him. Assuming you trust your doctor and he's qualified then just ride it out and be open with him about any changes.

02-04-10, 01:29 PM
The answer for my 8 year old to your questions is YES accoss the board. Once we found the right dose he inproved in all those areas. We also have been working for over a year on a scheudle to get things done and working on 3 or more instrutions at once and he has shown much improvement. My son has been on meds for 1.5 years and improvement is seen so much more now than 1 year ago. We did raise his meds doxe this year after about 9 months and started slipping and he has been doing really well now. Good luck and consult the doctor he may need a med adjustment.