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02-04-10, 04:01 PM
Apparently he had ADD/HD pretty bad (cough) as he was on 4 stimulants,Police sources told the tabloid Michael was taking 30 different types of drugs
Stimulants: Dexedrine, Aminorex, Desoxyn, Didrez;

Kunga Dorji
02-04-10, 04:27 PM
Apparently he had ADD/HD pretty bad (cough) as he was on 4 stimulants,Police sources told the tabloid Michael was taking 30 different types of drugs
Stimulants: Dexedrine, Aminorex, Desoxyn, Didrez;

You could argue that his brilliant dancing was a kind of hyperfocus. That being the case he might have had great difficulty accessing it. His reported severe insomnia would fit in too.

02-04-10, 06:34 PM
Looks like the Shire stimulant catalog there...

Apparently he had ADD/HD pretty bad (cough) as he was on 4 stimulants,Police sources told the tabloid Michael was taking 30 different types of drugs
Stimulants: Dexedrine, Aminorex, Desoxyn, Didrez;

03-11-10, 11:00 AM
Aminorex? You can't even get that by prescription. It was only available in Europe and taken off the market in '72. So he must've gotten that off the street.

03-11-10, 04:34 PM
I dont think he had ADHD. I think he was taking stimulants to counter the next morning hangover effects of the tranquilizers and sedatives he was taking.

Plus talking 4 different types of stimulants does not show that ADHD treatment is what he is after. More of a high.

03-12-10, 01:17 PM
Yup. That's what killed many people in the 1960's and 70's: Brian Epstein, manager of The Beatles; Jimi Hendrix, due to some stronger-than-expected German sleeping pills; eventually Johnny Cash, who was up to 500mg/day of Dexedrine at one point around 1966; Jack Kerouac; Judy Garland, Bryan Jones, and more. Elvis felt he was a pharmacologist and used the PDR like a Kelley Blue Book. They all needed energy to stay awake either to drive safely, perform more than was naturally possible. For example, The Beatles played 7 hour sets ever day in Hamburg...aided by Dexedrine and Preludin. Without that practice they may never have become what we know them for today, to those familiar with the "10,000 hour rule". They were an exception to the rule. Many couldn't handle it.

Historians believe Hitler's use of stimulants made him overconfident, believing he could invade Russia. That didn't work out very well, thank God. He even slept in on D-Day because of his medication, ordering others "do not disturb."

Anytime someone who is highly powerful and controls the livelihood of those closest to them has a major problem, getting them help becomes difficult.

03-13-10, 05:01 PM
Who cares what he had or drugs he was on, let the King of Pop rest in peace!


03-13-10, 05:47 PM
He wouldn't be resting if he wasn't on any drugs.

03-13-10, 06:16 PM
...and he was certainly NOT king of anything in the majority of this planets eyes.

03-13-10, 06:27 PM
Michael Jackson took Desoxyn

I don't think this will be what he's remembered by.
..........although, meth is starting to be remembered by hitler.

stimulants explain things better than downers....
....he looked peppy

03-13-10, 06:31 PM

03-14-10, 09:27 AM
He is one of the greatest singers and dancers of all times. he has a category of his own.

I dont think that he did what people sued him for.

He felt let down and betrayed by the law suits from people whose main goal is money. All of them settled out of courts for financial compensation.

If my child gets molested, I wont settle unless I see this person in jail. no money in the world would make it even for me.

Do I want to live and buy houses, and yachts.....with my child's molester money?? If I do take his money, does that make me me a parent who sold his kid? The only difference is i got paid after. The ones who didn't settle because they thought that they can get more if hey was found guilty. They were asking form money not jail time or justice. even so he got acquitted.

he felt let down by these people's action. People only remember the bad things claimed against him. Forgotten that he changed the map of the music scene.

He escaped, went to Bahrain and Dubai. But still stigma followed him and he couldn't just hide.

And he went to drugs thinking that would ease his pain and sadly he was mistaken. As a result he died trying to escape reality when he escaped it permanently.

03-14-10, 12:37 PM
I think he was taking drugs looong before going to Dubai.

Still surprises me that the word "Scientology" isn't mentioned more when talking about his alleged child molesting - sounds amazing like their usual dirty tricks:

"Hey Ms Presley, try and get Michael into an Org. What's that, he's not interested and wants to keep hold of all his money? Then he is an enemy and must be suppressed by any means. Mwahahahaha.....".

I could just be paranoid of course!

03-14-10, 10:43 PM
As I said who gives a sh*t whether he was on drugs or not, it's his business and to me he was the King of Pop and if you look into it he was referred to as that in the musical sense.


03-15-10, 01:44 PM
...actually he specifically insisted that he was referred to as that and declined to deal with anyone who refused.

What anybody says on this board will not affect how he rests. It does, however, obviously affect you. I would suggest just allowing people who want to have a conversation just get on with it. It's sad that he's dead (to some people) but that doesn't mean we can't discuss his circumstances.

03-15-10, 04:44 PM
Don't want to hijack this thread...but I FULLY concur with weareacc.

BTW, check out my thread over in Chit-Chat regarding the sad-@ss excuse that is the "Rock and Roll" Hall of Fame induction MJ folks probably won't like it...

Bottom line with MJ-while he certainly was a talented songwriter and performer, he was not a musician, and his influence extended strictly to the pop music sector...and keep in mind that his "over the top" shows, with costumes, pyrotechnics, and lighting, had been in practice for a decade-plus before he came along, by such bands as Yes, Kiss, Pink Floyd, and many others. 100 years from now, people will likely put his first wife's father (oh, some guy by the name of Elvis Presley) well ahead of MJ in terms of societal and musical influence.

Lastly, MJ's "endgame" with drugs (benzos, opiates, propofol, etc.) began a long time prior to his death...consider that his eccentricities began in the mid-to-late 80s...and the wheels really fell off the bus in the mid-90s.

03-15-10, 08:48 PM
Most of this infomation comes from the media and we all know half of what's said is either half baked truths or a complete and utter fabrication, nobody will ever truly know what the circumstances were in MJ's death or prior to that and no amount of speculation or discussion will make any difference to ones knowledge of that information.

Just remember what you read or hear through the media is not always 100% correct if it's correct at all!!!

I'm going to leave it at that.


03-16-10, 02:38 AM
The Beatles were the Kings of Music. Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll (and cheesy movies I actually enjoy, but he did sing "Old McDonald Had a Farm" at the same time The Beatles were making albums like Rubber Soul and Revolver); still, he was a singer and not a full-fledged musician. Thank Colonel Tom Parker for that fate.

Jackson can be the King of Pop all he wants...any real musician (not performer) would find that title insulting. I still don't get how people can disregard who he was as a person and say it's irrelevant. Noone in their right, sober mind would disfigure their own face in the matter he did; it's not like he was ever ugly in the first place.

Atleast Howard Hughes had a legitimate reason to be so reclusive. The man was in 4 plane wrecks and living in more pain than anyone on record has survived through for over 20 years.

03-16-10, 10:36 AM
I say let em be. I grow up with his music. His songs will always be played just like elvis, or sinatra

I dont care if smokes heroin. We all make mistakes. Maybe he was foolish when he decided to change his face. But so what? We always dig and nag on the bad things about people and forget or ignore their good.

its all this media that make money out of people's misfortunes. We like it cause we feel good about ourselves. His rich and famous but he is a child molester and white wanna be!!

I am one of them. I like the show cops kinda makes me feel better. Its human nature. But we have to be fair and recognize that his songs and dancing made a revolution in the music scene. Just like others, Elvis Presley, jimi hendrix, Johnny cash...etc

I dont want to be a celebrity. I hate the fact that you have to fight to be recognized by people being celebrity, then fight to stay away from them with body guards, and isolation in a golden nest. Alone and depressed and maybe starting to do drugs.

small things that we take for granted is freedom, we can go anywhere without planing this ahead with bodyguards and a crew. You have to run away from paparzis and always be in perfect shape just incase a photo is taken and you face is blasted in everymagizines in the country. ET and TMZ are like pests who make their money on celebrities making mistakes just like us.

By the way, I dont understand why Johhny cash had a drug problem. he was taking amphetamines just like adderall or dex. He wasnt shooting or snorting them. Maybe he had ADHD. He looked depressed after quitting and his work was not as good after amphetamines.

03-16-10, 12:29 PM
He was taking, at one point, 50-100 5 or 10mg amphetamine pills of different types each day, while also taking dozens of tranquilizers at the same time. Listen to his album "Everybody Loves a Nut"; or watch his interview on the Pete Seger show. Eventually he got it under control around the time he filmed recorded his Folsom Prison concert.

03-16-10, 12:37 PM
I see

1000 mg of amphetamines a day???

My heart would go "pop" and stop if I take close even close to 500.

No wonder he is a legend!!

he should at-least stayed on average dose.
so has was a drug abuser not an addict. he took medication thru normal route at high doses. not smoked, or injected it.

04-07-10, 10:44 PM
OP title edit* Michael jackson did EVERYTHING

04-16-10, 03:05 PM
well while I acknowledge he was a great performer and great music to be remembered forever....also like to say he was an *** for being on all the ridiculous mess around with this stuff and it kills you, no excuse.....and what really p1sses me off is that it just makes it so much harder for the ones that legitimately need it, because clowns out there get high off it.....

10-05-10, 05:20 AM
i know this is a bit of an old topic, but since it's still on the first page, i thought it would be alright to weigh in...

ok, Jackson may not have been as much of a "musician", but he was every bit as much an artist and just as creative as anyone else that has been named in here. he was skilled at his craft, and his ability as a dancer and performer easily rivaled or surpassed the instrument proficiency of most those others. while i do agree that a lot of "real" musicians would scoff at a title like "King of Pop", i would be willing to bet that most would be more than happy to take perks that came with that title, because it doesn't matter whether you're looking to connect with your audience or to make money and be a rock star, in the end, it's all about the ability to be heard. and lets stop with the revisionist history, The Beatles and Elvis at one time were every bit as bubble gum pop as the Jackson 5. Michael Jackson's music evolved over the years, it didn't dramatically shift when he became "enlightened" upon discovering drugs or religion.

anyone who thinks his influence was limited to the pop music sector, is grossly mistaken. he has been cited as an influence to artists across the entertainment industry. granted, you can't ignore the talent of the guy playing guitar or behind the camera shooting the video, but he was known for being very involved in the creative process and didn't just show up to perform someone else's work. do many people actually know that it's Eddie Van Halen on guitar or that the video was directed by Martin Scorsese? no, right or wrong, they just remember it was a Michael Jackson song. of course, you can find quotes from those guys saying how amazed they were by Jackson's part in the process. when you are that popular, and have that much exposure, just by the law of averages or going to influence a ton of people in ways ranging from opening someone's eyes to new genre of music to saying this band or artist might not exist without him.

finally, i can't say that i have ever heard someone claim he did what he did to his face for the sake of vanity, like some trophy wife who's husband has too much money and promised to get her her own reality tv show. some stuff was to repair injuries like a broken nose or when he got burned, but this is a guy who looked in the mirror and didn't see what the rest of the world saw. because of the way he was raised and how he was introduced to the business he never really experienced a seperation between being at "work" then getting to be done for the day or take time off between projects, so he had deeply rooted mental and emotional issues and some people believe he never had the opportunity to fully develop the skills to cope with them. Elvis and The Beatles are among the very few that can be regarded as having attained a similar level of fame and influence, but you can't deny that they didn't have to endure nearly the amount scrutiny simply because of the technology and media accessibility that existed and constantly increased throughout Mitchael's lifetime. this can create a bubble of isolation that can further impede development of coping, relationship and emotional skills. i mean look at the issues a lot of us on these boards are dealing with...and i doubt there are many of us that could even comprehend dealing with that level of being "messed up" combined with that severe of a lack of knowing how to deal with it. but i guess if we could comprehend, this thread would be a lot shorter.

03-08-11, 09:49 PM
Wait a minute... where did you get that information?