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02-07-10, 02:06 PM
Hi there

My four year old has recently been diagnoised with ADHD and prescribed Ritalin.

For the first 3 weeks he took it the meds seemed to work quite well. No miricle cure but he seemed calmed calmer & his concerntration was better.

However, the last week has been worse. He didn't want to go to playgroup or go to his usual groups, or go out. He has been hyperactive again, had extream rages,talking constantly and has no concertration.

He did have a bit of a tummy bug for a day or so. Is it possible that the bug would make this difference or could he possibly need a higher dose of Ritalin (currently on 5mg twice a day).

Many Thanks

02-13-10, 01:23 PM
Just an update.....

The last week has been extreamly difficult. My son has become very insecure, clingy & very demanding again. It may be that the meds are working but he is going through an insecure patch which makes it FEEL like the meds aren't working because I'm so tired and exhausted from worrying about him & I'm not sleeping.

He still isn't settling at playgroup and he isn't wanting to go out at all (very unlike him). He just wants to be at home, on his own with me & I am finding it a hugh strain.

I'm not sure why he is so unsettled. Not sure if it's something to do with the new meds or because he has just started with a childminder two afternoons (as playgroup sessions are so sort & I need some rest as I suffer from anxiety and depression).

He's really happy with his childminder & loves to go. He was really happy at Playgroup too but he's not settling there at all well at the moment either - What's going on????? :(

02-13-10, 02:33 PM

This is not an answer but perhaps to provide some information.

What you are describing could be the effects of the medications. This is not unknown but It could also be other issues. I might suggest looking at what is going on at his school. It could also be just simple anxiety. This can be, again, a result of the medication. It could also be that something is going on at school that he cannot easily verbalize. It could also be that he is going through a period of anxiety and uncertainty. Check with his doc and monitor.

On medications, this is something I post from time to time. Use what you will and feel free to ignore the rest.

This refers to the stimulants.

About 90% will respond positively to the stimulants with about 75% success for any one. That means that with any of the stimulants roughly 25% will have to try at least one other medication for a number of reasons including no effect or too many side effects.

For some difficult to treat cases, it takes some experimentation to find the one best suited and sometimes other medications are needed to offset some of the side effects (all medications have side effects).

Another factor to be aware of is that some are delivery method specific responders. This means,for example, that an individual might not get good response to Concerta (Methylphenidate-osmotic pump release method) but will to one one of the extend release capsules.

Some have been working with combinations of ADHD medications and there have been reports of positive results with this.

What this more or less means is that while most hit on something that works the first time out, finding the right medication sometimes can be a bit of a crap shoot. All you can do is try and see what happens.

Good luck, accurate knowledge is the key to working with ADHD.


02-14-10, 11:59 AM
Hi Dizfriz

Thank you so much for your thoughts & support, it's helps me to get my head around what's going on. I had two meetings with playgroup this week to iron out some of the concerns that I had so they are fully aware of the situation and are working hard to address his current insecurities.

My next appointment with the peadiatrition is a month away so I will make a call to see if I can get one sooner.

I find that ANY change of circumstance unsettles my son & he quickly becomes very clingy and demanding. He also becomes difficult to settle at night too & sometimes wakes up. But it is unusual for him to become so unsettled at playgroup & not want to go out.

It feels like one thing after the other recently & Im finding that I'm crying more and more and struggling to cope. I have decided to go to councelling to get some extra support and to help me see the wood for the trees. My brain feels like one giant ball of mush at the moment!!