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02-08-10, 02:21 PM
My child is 13 years old and has just recently been diagnosed with ADHD specifically with a significant auditory deficit. So now that the child psychologist has done the testing & there will be sessions for behavioral & cognitive therapy - I need to get the meds ball rolling. But there is also some indication of anxiety, especially social anxiety. That coupled with a family history of bp disorder, now we have been instructed to see a psychiatrist for another eval. Which is fine except it takes months to get appts with these professionals.

I will be honest I am not sold on the idea of meds & have been trying to research natural alternatives BUT I want to do what is best for my child. I have called & called all of the ped psychiatrists to get appts & most do not bill insurance & others takes months & some will not even allow you to make an appt until you have filled out a questionaire to see if your child is a good "fit" for their practice. In the meantime, grades dropping, behavioral issues, high social anxiety, and alot of frustration ensues. So much that my child is begging me to do something.

I have thought that there was an issue for years. Things like our CONSTANT repeating or asking to do things to do over & over & over, the inability to organize or get tasks done, the constant mind racing with ideas, the lack of motivation & getting easily overwhelmed by things to do, etc etc. I passed alot of it off as just being hard headed or just not listening - but eventually it just became an issue everyday at home & then when the teachers began to notice a big difference, we thought - what if there is more to this than a stubborn child? And there was like I said significant auditory deficit as well as some visual & there was a significant Math Learning disorder.

All that being said - I just want to get things rolling & these Dr's are months out on appts. My concern is A.I want to get some help this school year B. Why are there so many kids having these issues C. Is there some way to treat this naturally. Of course we are doing things at home to try & help - lists, lists, & more lists but there is so much more to it. We need some help. I am now feeling so overwhelmed.

02-11-10, 01:35 PM
We received the diagnosis for our 13 year old son from a well-respected group that had psychologist, Psychiatrist, coaches, skill testing specialist, etc. on staff. We actually had his pediatrician prescribe the meds for him. I think it would be worthwhile to call his Pediatrician, tell them that you had him tested and ask if he will prescribe his meds.

As to the why all of the diagnosis? Well, I think that this problem has always been around...these kids have been suffering for generations being labeled stupid, lazy, scatterbrained. IMHO, I think what is bringing it to light is the competitiveness of High school and college. We're seeing "normal" kids have no problems with grades, motivation, etc. But our kid are, very much so, and we wonder why? And we're scared for their future, it's tough to get into post-secondary schools now. And now there are the resources to find out why. As in any more enlightened century, medical advances keep progressing, we aren't so scared of it all as a society, we reach out to find out more...the internet helps...we can research these things privately and find out there is a whole world out there with these same issues. I think it's wonderful.

For your last question, personally I think your son needs medication. My oldest son HAS to be on them. He wasn't diagnosed until this past fall and he's 16. Was a straight A student through grades school..things starting falling apart drastically in middle school. 2nd son, age 13, was on meds for 2 months. I've just taken him off. He's not so severe, but it may get worse in high school, or maybe even next year. We are waiting and seeing and will readdress this if and when we must. Good's so hard. I revisit all the stages of grief constantly it seems.