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02-12-10, 05:46 PM
My insurance company will only pay for the generic versions. My doctor gave me a prescription for the amphetamine salts, 10 mg. But he is out of town for 10 days and the ins. company needs "pre authorization" from him.

His covering doctor prescribed methylphenidate, 10 mg. (ritalin). I can just buy that on my own at Walmart for $4.

Can anyone give me their opinion on these two. Should I wait the 10 days for the generic Adderall, or try the generic Ritalin?

Thanks for your thoughts.

ps- didn't see a forum for asking about medications in general.

02-12-10, 05:49 PM
Why couldn't the covering doctor prescribe Adderall?

02-12-10, 06:06 PM
He can't give the authorization for the generic Adderall because he has never met with me and discussed my ADD.

02-13-10, 12:10 AM
I guess I just wonder why he could for ritalin but not adderall. Both are class II controlled steroids. Same regulations he could have prescribed and authorized adderall just as easy as ritalin.

02-13-10, 07:50 AM
With the generic Ritalin, I would buy it outright for $4. He probably knew he wouldn't have to go through the red tape of the ins. company. It's rediculous. He gives me the prescription, I take it to the drug store. The ins. company then needs to talk to him as to why I need it. Why the heck they need to question him on it is beyond me.

Any opinions on comparing the two?

02-13-10, 12:28 PM
I am debating switching to adderall. I have been on concerts for 2 months and I can definitely see it working in some ways and making things worse in others. You never know. It is very individual. One Guy here has told me he is on vyvanse because everything else he's tried made him sick.
The insurance thing I'm sure is the nature and danger of the drug its probably their policy for all class II drugs.

02-13-10, 01:05 PM
Thought I might stick in some data that may be of use. Use what you will and ignore the rest.

Methylphenidate and the Amphetamines work in different ways. I wrote a short article addressing how ADHD medications work that may be of use. You can find it here:

As they work in different ways to get to the same place, different people will respond to each in different ways. There is some good evidence that individual response to each may be due to your specific genetic make up.

This is something I post from time to time that may be of some use. Some rough statistics on ADHD medications: The statistics are on the stimulants.

About 90% will respond positively to the stimulents with about 75% success for any one. That means that with any of the stimulants roughly 25% will have to try at least one other for a number of reasons including no effect or too many side effects.

For some difficult to treat cases, it takes some experimentation to find the one best suited and sometimes other medications are needed to offset some of the side effects (all medications have side effects).

Another factor to be aware of is that some are delivery method specific responders. This means, for example, that an individual might not get good response to Concerta (Methylphenidate-osmotic pump release method) but will to one one of the extend release capsules.

Some have been working with combinations of ADHD medications and there have been reports of positive results with this.

What this more or less means is that while most hit on something that works the first time out, finding the right medication sometimes can be a bit of a crap shoot. All you can do is try and see what happens.

Good luck, accurate knowledge is the key to working with ADHD.


04-07-10, 05:45 AM
In a recent small study in children with ADHD, the effects of Adderall lasted longer and were preferred over methylphenidate (Ritalin), the most commonly used drug for ADHD. Adderall XR is an extended release form of Adderall. Adderall was approved by the FDA in 1996.