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02-15-10, 07:47 PM
So im 23 and I went to my doc and finally addressed my lifelong focus issues. She first prescribed me 5 mg adderall xr witch I was told to take one in the morning for 4 days then take 2 in the morning thereafter(I know its low but it was just a one month supply to try it out and see if it was for me) the affect was extremely beneficial though short lasting leaving me a bit jittery (when I bumped the dose 2 in the morning). Given it may have gone away if I stuck with it more than twice(I took the one a day for 4 days then only did the 2 a day thing for 2 days only, total 6 days), but in doing my research I found out about dexedrine witch is less "jittery" so I decided to try that rather then get used to that nasty neurotoxic levo-amphatimine. She prescribed dexadrine spanules similarly. 5 mg, 1 in the morning for 3 days then bumped it up to 2 after that.

I am on the second day of taking 2 in the morning. I definitely prefer the dex because its much much smoother. I take it in the morning around 8 or nine and its SO SO SHORT ACTING AND MILD!

My question is this, everyone on this forum talks about their cocktails how they start off with the spanule then take IR's later or whatever I dont think shes gonna be giving me both spanules and instant releases, Should I suggest a stronger spanule(maybe even twice a day), Or would spreading out instant releases be just as good (though not as intense) because from what I hear the spanules give you half the dosage at first then the other half later. I dont mind dosing more often if the IR's are a better option.

Perhaps I just need to try both and decide for myself, but I figured I would ask your guys' opinion...

02-18-10, 09:49 PM
I actually came on here to post a very similar question. I can tell you my experience so far though and hopefully we can both learn something useful.

I started on the instant release Dexedrine 10mg, 2x a day (on days needed). I work my own hours from home and tend wake up late. So taking my 2nd dose by noon just does not work for me. Now, I just take my full dose for the day between noon and 2 at the latest, or I will be up all night!

I quickly learned that 10mg doesn't do the job for me so I went up to 15mg. I also learned that when I take any ADD med regularly some tolerance is developed, which is common. So when I take it several days in a row I eventually increase to 20mg!
I don't know what is wrong with me, maybe I am just really tolerant/resistant to drugs because everyone else I know takes 5 or 10mg.:rolleyes:

I also noticed that Dex climaxes and starts dissipating very quickly. So I had my doc write a scrip for the spansules because he said the effect should be exactly the same but will last longer. Not the case so far!

I have been taking the spansules for several days now and it can feel it in my system longer BUT the effect is very much decreased.

I have been increasing my doses and have reached 30mg!! The effect is still not the same, I am having a lot of trouble with attention and focus, I feel more irritable from the very beginning (instead of later in the day which is somewhat hunger induced with the IR) and I feel more tension in my jaw and neck.

This brings me to my own question:

1. Since I've already payed for a whole month of Dex spansules, is there a way I can open them or something to take them as an instant release version instead?

2. Are the ingredients in IR and Spansule the exact same except for the spansule coating?

3. How do the beads inside the capsule work. Are each of them specially coated and designed to release at different times?

Hope this helps both of us. I will probably also make a new post so I don't steal your thread! :p

02-20-10, 06:09 PM
yeah I think you can take some pliers and crush the capsule and when you hear crunch crunch crunch sound your SR is now an IR!!(though I havent tried it) It seems like if I take it at 9-11 It will kick in around 1-2 hours then at 4 Its pretty much completely worn off. The dosage seems right because I can definitely feel the beneficial focus and stamina even with 10mg but unless I have a part time job its not much help(im a recording engineer meaning I sometimes work from 9am to midnight!)

I think taking the 10mg every 5 hours or so would do the job. I ACTUALLY DO LIKE THE SR, Its not the meth like euphoric thing and when it fades away there is no "crash and burn" whatsoever it simply fades away(I can fall asleep like a baby), and I dont think my clients would think highly of me if they had to keep seeing me take IR tabs constantly during sessions(even if I take "bathroom breaks" they may wonder what is going on) And I also hear the IR's work like "bursts" witch is not what Im looking for

So Ill just finish out my month with the 10mg a day low dosage. When it comes time to refill Ill simply ask for three times the amount so I can take one at 9ish one at 1ish and one at 5-6ish(if needed). Im sure at some point Ill bump it up to 15mg or so but im cool with 10mg right now.

Again, I so far have no desire to try any type of IR yet I will keep yall posted.

01-06-11, 04:42 AM
So it's been about a year so as promised here is my dexedrine spanule update;

Dexedrine is nothing short of a miracle if used properly.

Started with 15mg in the a.m.(9:00 to 10:00) and 5mg in the p.m.(12-3:00pm), total 20mg

life is amazingly focused and purpose driven.

I blow people away with how sharp and on top of
Things I am, almost scary

As far as love life I'll just say it's a different world, my old charming self is
Back and the stable definitely isn't empty!

Iv re-discovered passions for things Iv long forgotten about,

Since I'm a grown man my starter/toddler dosage isn't supposed to do
The trick forever, Iv been bumped to 20mg in the am(8:30-10:00am) 5mg in the early pm(1-2:30pm) and 5mg in the later pm, total 30mg,

I'm perfectly fine with this exact dosage for as long as I can imagine,
And it's only 10 mg more!

As far as downsides it depends on the person, it can be a
Godsend or ur worst nightmare

Iv done the whole meth thing in high school, so since Iv done
Stronger I'm probably somewhat familiar w the effects of
Amphetamines so side effects are not really an issue with me

In this short meth experimentation was the only time I ever got a "A" average
Witch I felt wasn't earned and was cheating,

my psych assured me though recreational street drug use is not the way to go, there is a chemical/brain problem amphetamines have the ability to correct and it's not cheating

He said someone has to have the ability to earn an A to begin with
because obviously not all methheads excel in much of anything

well my fingers are getting worn from this iphone typing(witch may explain the weird paragraph structure of this post) but I'll just say make sure u eat regularly even more so than usual and sleep regularly or you'll blame the meds for feelin like **** when it's cause u haven't eaten or slept in a while no wonder u feel like crap!!

And btw I get generic Barr brand and it's perfectly fine!!

Since I haven't even looked at this forum in a year I may not
Be very responsive on the thread but hope the info could at least help
even 1 person..

Happy new year, Peach much love and I hope you all have a blessed and slammin' 2011!!

01-07-11, 06:26 AM
I personally take spansules because it lasts longer and it works great on me.