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02-17-10, 04:05 AM
I haven't actually been formally diagnosed with a learning disability. But one thing i've learnt is that you have a disorder wether a doctor knows about it of not. :rolleyes:
Anyway, i have a hard time learning anything new. Someone gave me a camera for Christmas - i cannot work it out. I just can't do it. Nothing seems to match up and this happens time and time again. I try to learn something and no, i'm too ****ing stupid. I'm so sick of it. How am i supposed to get a job if i'm so stupid? No wonder i get fired all the time.

02-17-10, 07:30 AM
I went through something like that with trying to learn some new techniques for web design. And yes I felt really stupid, too. But I'm not stupid and I realized that something else was at work.

Whether it's a learning disability, ADHD, depression or something else, it needs some treatment. Are you able to find a doc you like in your area? That's step one.

Step 2 is try to get a friend to show you how the camera works or see if the manufacturer has posted a video tutorial. That's my preferred way of learning anything these days -- not trying to read those dense equipment manuals.

No matter what, be thankful for your strengths and make a list of them.


02-17-10, 08:12 AM
Just to say I second everything Meridian says above;
anyway not putting together a camera, has nothing to do with jobs.
(still no idea how to use my new cell phone, which was a gift and has lots of options, except to make calls and I've had it since december!)

I hope you feel better soon; you seem to be associating things that don't go together and for me that is a sign of being very down, that I don't notice at the time.

02-17-10, 09:49 AM
The camera thing is just the latest. I try to follow instructions and i just can't. Its ridiculous. And its the same with jobs, i don't learn as fast as everyone else. Everyone thinks i'm stupid, and i feel stupid, what else to stupid is there??? There's nothing else to stupid so i must be stupid. Its depressing to be stupid. I'm so sick of it all. Nothing ever gets better.

02-17-10, 10:00 AM
I am just taking the camera as an example but it may be applicable in other areas too.
How about just grabbing the thing and starting to push buttons? See what it does. That is the way I always try to learn things.
The manual is the last remedy because written instructions are hard to comprehend anyway.

Its not just for cameras. Anything that has to do with tech and computers can be learned this way. Trial and error. Lots of errors I have to admit, but you will learn from them.
Hands on learning takes three times as long. But if you can pull it off you'll end up instructing other people instead.

02-17-10, 10:07 AM
What sarek suggests I totally agree with. Just push away. I am totally hopeless with manuals for anything. I just try to work things out the best I can for myself by trying it.

I think most of us with ADHD have a hard time with manuals. They are sooooo boring to read which I think makes it a lot more difficult for us to take in what they are trying to tell us what to do. It's just like reading a textbook at school!! :D:p