View Full Version : Mrs. Grass Chicken Soup Mix

04-14-03, 04:54 PM
One of my (few) signature recipes involves the store bought brand of chicken noodle soup called Mrs. Grass. It has this little egg in the box that is filled with chicken flavored stuff, and melts in the boiling water. Really good soup by itself. But what I do is just before I take the soup off the stove, put one fresh egg into it, both the white and the yolk. Its also called egg-drop soup in resteraunts. And this will work for any brand of chicken soup, but I like the Mrs. Grass personally.

04-14-03, 04:56 PM
Do you beat the egg 1st or just crack it and drop it in?

04-14-03, 05:35 PM
I just drop it in. But beating it beforehand sounds suitable. Nothing like a little experimentation.