View Full Version : Rebound with Extreme Hyperactivity

02-17-10, 05:54 PM
My daughter started on 15mgs 2 years ago. It worked fine but was hard to titrate since we had to open the 30mg and pour half out. Then 20mgs came out and she took that up until November wheni noticed the rebound hyperactivity was bothersome. We incresed to 30mgs. Now in February we are still experiencing rebound hyperactivity so the doctor just increased her to 40mg last week. Well, the rebound hyperactivity has just increased again. Last night she wanted to watch American Idol but she just couldn't be still and stop talking long enough to enjoy the show. This is a tolerable effect that we at home can deal with, the problem is that she is 10 and now is going to slumber parties. It is not okay for her to be that hyper at a party when the other girls are sitting watching the birthday girl open presents and my daughter is wiggling and talking nonstop. Socially this is a real problem at a point in her life when the kids can start being mean.

Just worried and wondering if anyone else here has this problem or if you had a solution to this problem.

Oh we also have to deal with the eating/not growing issues but we are trying to explain to her she has to eat even when she doesnt want to.