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02-18-10, 01:17 AM
Iíve been taking vyvanse for a number of years now. I started at 30mg and now I prescribed 70mg as well as 10mg of dextroamphetamine in the early evening/late afternoon. I definitely have not always taken my medicine as prescribed for various reasons and have taken more because the prescribed amount just was not working. I have no been able to find a lot of research on the long-term effects of stimulants but I donít like what I have found and I also donít thinks it is good to be in the cycle of needing to take more to get work done but then not sleeping followed by crashing which I bet many people who take stimulant medication are familiar with. My question is how long would I have to take a break from taking medication to get rid of my tolerance? ( I need at least 140mg of vyvanse and will take more by just swallowing some of the powder instead of the whole capsule in addition to 30mg of dextro a day just to feel normal. I donít like it) I have tried one time for 5 days with little effect.

03-02-10, 11:03 AM
It sounds like you need to tell your Doctor the exact same thing you said in that post. Word for Word. They are there to help you, and do whats best for the long-term (even if you dont think so. You dont have to agree with them). They have the knowledge, understanding and training to develop a plan for you... and they have the Rx book and the pen. You do not.

03-02-10, 12:23 PM
I am on high dose concerta and run into this problem but I dont increase the dose on my own. I've been suffering the normal adhd symptoms but the thing is well I don't want to up the dose any higher than the range I'm in. My adhd is pure hell now and I'm metabolizing really fast but I refuse to keep going up in dose. I guess I'm resisting treatment in many ways. I know it's the adhd and the dose needs to go up , I did for a day as my doc told me and so much of my worry was adhd related. I guess I'm at odds for what to do.