View Full Version : Did you watch the 7pm Project?

02-18-10, 09:20 AM
WHY i would expect anything remotely intelligent from this show, i don't know, but the promo said something about how kids could now be tested more accurately for ADHD. So i watched with the ever-hopefull notion that maybe some accurate info would get 'out there.'

It opened with a clip of Bart Simpson saying 'time to be bad!

Its my own damn fault, i guess.

No mention of ADD without hyperactivity, no mention of adult ADD/ADHD. I know they only have short slots but why why why is it always the clip of the kid slamming the door of the opening statement of 'ADHD - a medical condition of just kids being kids?' etc.

I'm really starting to think that maybe ADHD and ADD should be renamed and treated as seperate disorders. Maybe that will start to break up the current perceptions.