View Full Version : Helping my brother in Kitchener, Ontario

02-23-10, 04:15 PM

I'm currently living in Atlanta, GA, so it was very easy for me to find a psychologist to diagnose my ADD-I and prescribe me medication (I am on 50mg Vyvanse).

However, my younger brother, whom I am convinced also has ADD-I, has agreed with my thoughts, and is interested in getting diagnosed as well. However, he still lives Kitchener, Ontario.

Looking around on the web, there doesn't seem to be as many options for diagnosis in that area. He is limited in how far he can travel, so wherever he went would have to be in the K-W area. He's also not very well-off, so if diagnosis was going to cost him a lot, that would definitely be a problem.

He is going to be attending cooking courses soon. I'm not sure where, though. If it is with Conestoga College or the like, I'll advise him to talk to their counselors about diagnosis, but more than likely it's not going to be quite as "official" as that. I'd like for him to be able to go into these courses as prepared as possible, so that he can stick with it and succeed at them. They definitely have his interest, which is very good (he's quite enthusiastic about cooking now), but even he admits that he jumps from interest to interest without really getting good at something.

If there's any help or advice anyone can offer, please do. Thanks.