View Full Version : Week 3 and suddenly not "working"

02-23-10, 06:15 PM
My nearly 8 yo DS was diagnosed with ADHD-I this winter.
Went on 5 mg Focalin XR for 3weeks and it was determined that this dosage was not effective from the start.
Dosage raised to 10 mg.
Noticeable results for 3 weeks.
Week 4 and things are obviously slipping.

Does this mean we raise the dosage again? Is his body building up a tolerance of sorts? Is there some emotional something going on here?

I'm having trouble wanting to continue with this if heis getting no benefit unless we raise his dosage every 3 weeks. :(


02-23-10, 08:17 PM
We're having the same issue with Intuniv. My five year old started taking the 1mg dose earlier this month. The improvement on the meds was amazing. Because he's so young and small for his age, the doctor figured he would probably be good on the 1mg dose for at least a month, even though normal protocol seems to be to increase it to 2mg after a week. He lasted exactly a week on 1mg, then we had to call the dr. because we were getting calls from the school about his behavior again. She increased him to 2mg, and gave us a prescription for three months at 2mg. It's been a week on the 2mg, and looks like it's no longer effective. She won't consider raising us to 3mg until he's had at least ten consecutive days of poor behavior and refusing to work at school. So far we've had two days of that in a row. The effects of the medication is wonderful when it works, but I'm also concerned about upping the dose every week, and this medication only goes up to 4mg max, so what happens if we hit that limit within the next few weeks? I hate to change medications.

03-17-10, 01:35 PM
I talked (emailed) his teacher and it turns out that she had backed off on the prompts. It seems that he is just not ready for this quite yet, so she is continuing to prompt as she has previously.

03-17-10, 03:34 PM
How do you see his progress?? How does he see it? Does he report how he feels while he is on the medicine? I find my sons still need classroom intervention for their ADHD but with treatment they are more apt to gain benefit from the classroom interventions.