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02-25-10, 06:56 AM
Title says it all (and yet i continue to babble - call me Brooke!)

I was looking at the huge elimination list of food adders should try avoiding for awhile, it was a link from a post here.

In the spirit of one-at-a-timeness, has anyone cut out dairy and felt better?

02-25-10, 04:14 PM
Which list are you referring to? Eliminating dairy wouldn't help unless your body doesn't react well to it. The two things my doctor told me to avoid were food additives and sugar. There's both in most dairy products but not all. Eliminating junk food or caffeinated soda is what would really get you results.

02-25-10, 09:29 PM
Asylum, elimination diets are really tough. It's good to do one at a time-ness lol!

I have *mostly* eliminated dairy from my diet after a 1 year or so strict hiatus from it when it was discovered my son was allergic to dairy. Big bummer for an already busy mom. But we did it. Dont' know if it specifically addresses ADHD, but anything you can do do eliminate possible reactions, sensitivities, and and support your health in a positive manner, you are doing your whole self good, ADHD included.

There are many products out there now that support dairy-free lifestyles as dairy has become a common known issue in the general population and has prompted intriguing dairy alternatives and effective labeling acts that disclose "hidden" dairy ingredients. So, if you truly wish to go all out dairy free, learn all the names for dairy components and weird foods they hide in (like your thanksgiving turkey for example. Seriously). The most common allergen is the casein, or milk protein. Other animal milks besides cow are sometimes better digested like goat's milk. There are really yummy rice, almond, hemp milks too on the market now. We had to avoid the soy milks as there are issues with a lot of soy too.

I did feel better. One more thing that works on just feeling better and keeping the fog at bay. Since we have dairy allergies that run in our family, I have also been able to eliminate the bi-yearly 6-week-at-a-time upper respiratory illnesses I would get every single year at the major change of seasons. So, yah, I feel better! Just wish I could convince the rest of the family to cut back on the stuff too. I used to go through a gallon of milk in like 2 days. Now, it's like yuk.

03-04-10, 06:28 PM
Yes! I did this for a few's not THAT hard.

And the only thing you really need to avoid is milk butter should be okay..

I also had eliminated wheat corn, and soy (unfermented).. I still really try to avoid unfermented soy products)...which is everything containing "soy" which doesn't state that it's been fermented..

I may try this again...someday...It's just that it was getting boring and the diet, was helping me control my portions, mainly, that's about it, I'm pretty sure I'm not allergic to that stuff, in reasonable portions..

The carbon footprint of dairy is also something to consider. There are many non-soy legumes that have tons of protein and fiber to boot...:D

03-05-10, 05:00 AM
Hmm - I find I really need some dairy; I have milk with ovaltine most mornings and sometimes at noon, a yogurt type dessert. It's fortifying and soothing.
As someone else mentioned, what is really bad for me is too much food additives.

mrs. dobbs
03-08-10, 09:35 AM
I cut out a billion things. I was a milk addict. But I cut out milk and milk proteins and noticed a major difference. Like someone said above, butter is ok. I read something about casomorphins in cheese not really helping us, though. Yet like stef, some people feel like dairy products help them feel better. We're all a little different genetically, yeah?

04-05-10, 02:37 AM
In eliminating dairy you must come up with various information about it to avoid the products that contain dairy, soy milk and other soy milk product are nondairy but what we call casein is often used in their production. Soy must be reintroduced separately from other milk protein products. You have to avoid milk, cheese, carob, custard, nougat, ice cream, brown sugar, pudding, butter, and so on. Hope this information would possibly relate with your topic. Always smile!

04-05-10, 06:03 PM
dairy products help them feel betterWell, dairy "can"...I'm trying to understand how foods effect, me personally...:confused:

Like dairy, I think it's pretty clear, that it is a "sleepy time" food....I think I used to think I was slightly allergic to it...but it was probably that it was actually just a melotonin inducing food..

I dunno, I would try to avoid these foods, until your last meal for the day...Some may benefit if they are taken at other times...but in general, these are prolly foods to be eaten for dinner, proportionately.. :confused:

ADDers, should prolly avoid dairy, mostly, until bedtime..all natural yogurt, w/active live cultures is prolly a good idea.. but it won't physically damage them..

Tyrosine, seems to be KEY-->:)

04-05-10, 06:23 PM
i follow a mostly vegan diet (maybe 85% - 90% of the time) and all other times, completely vegetarian diet. I wish i could say it had some affect on my ADD - but nothing that i've ever noticed.