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02-25-10, 12:03 PM
I ran across this article on ARD information for autistic children. ehouse+%28reader+blog%3A+Autism+in+the+House%29

It mentions the Autism Supplement

It can be found at a number of sites but this one looks like a good one.
Strategies for Consideration
for Students with Autism
(Also known as the Autism Supplement)

It also links to a good bit of information that may be of use.

This a Texas based site but the data could be used in other settings.

Use as you find it helpful.


PS: If you are in or near the Katy school district (Texas) there is a workshop coming up that might be worth looking into. Check the Chronicle article for details.

02-26-10, 07:27 AM
hi Dizfriz,
can you add more information in the thread about the autism supplement please

02-26-10, 09:21 AM
hi Dizfriz,
can you add more information in the thread about the autism supplement please

It was something I ran across in the Houston Chronicle and thought it looked like it might be helpful.
From the document:

What Parents Need to Know
The Commissionerís Rules do not mandate specific programs or services for students with autism. It does require an ARD committee to consider each of the eleven strategies. The need to use a strategy should be determined by the studentís IEP. If an ARD committee decides a strategy is not needed for a student, they must include a statement in the IEP. They must also give a good reason the strategy is not needed. Usually, a student who has many challenges with autism will highly likely need all or most of the strategies. A high-functioning student might need fewer strategies and still make sufficient progress.
The strategies do not mandate a specific degree or credential for personnel who are in contact with students with autism. It does require personnel to be qualified and trained in both general aspects of autism and issues unique to your child.
Again, remember that many of the strategies might already be included in your childís IEP. The eleven strategies can be used as a checklist to make sure that the ARD committee addresses the most common concerns. This is from the Texas Education Agency and appears to be mandatory for that state. It looks like it might be useful as a template for parents going into ARD meetings for an Autistic Spectrum child. It should have some credence since it is from an official source.

Use it for what it is worth.