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02-28-10, 07:19 PM
Hello, I'm a 32 and weigh 210lbs. I'll make this quick I first started off with 10mg of of Ritalin and soon after I began to get sleepy to the point where I had to put my head down and take a nap. After the nap I didn't feel lime Ritalin was keeping me focused. I told the psychiatrist this and he said he would switch me to Adderall 10mg. I told him that after about a week I felt that the 10mg of Adderall was not working, I would feel concentrated and focused for about an hour and a half and then back to normal.

So he then decided to switch me to Adderall XR 30mg. That worked for about two weeks and then the symptoms that I felt with Ritalin, excessive sleepiness, started with the Adderall. And to top it off the effects don't even last as long as they are supposed to, 6 hours max if that. After taking one XR 20 minutes later I need to sleep. It's horrible, I thought both these medications were supposed to not make you sleepy. Has anyone else experienced what I'm going through?

I have my next appointment in two weeks and I was wondering what other meds out there for ADD that won't make me feel so tired and sleepy?

03-01-10, 02:11 AM
I take 10mg of methylphenidate (Ritalin) every three hours. The first week, it made me extremely sleepy a few times. I can still get very sleepy while taking this stimulant, but it also helps me to be more present, focus, think more sequentially, remember things, etc.

I had to stick with it for a few weeks, work through some side effects, and try a few different dosage plans before I felt like this was the right treatment for me.

03-01-10, 09:56 AM
You may require larger doses. Remember the dosing guidelines are just that and nothing more they were studied in children and were not long term studies over the course of time so I would not put alot of validity into any rule of thumb doses that you hear or are told are the "norm". By all means when I started I think that I had 35mg of ritalin 3 maybe 4 times daily and I've been taking the medication now for 14 years ... I'm 29 now and I'll tell you that my starting dose is and was a good indicator of how much I metabolize that young and require now.