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03-06-10, 11:30 PM
My 9 year old daughter also has epilepsy and is limited on medications she can take. I am very nervous about putting her on a stimulant and am wondering if anybody has had any luck with natural therapies such as viatamin B6 and fish oil, Listol or Attend?

03-07-10, 08:42 AM
My 9 year old daughter also has epilepsy and is limited on medications she can take. I am very nervous about putting her on a stimulant and am wondering if anybody has had any luck with natural therapies such as viatamin B6 and fish oil, Listol or Attend?
Unfortunately there are no additives or supplements that have been shown to be an effective treatment for ADHD. Fish oil (Omega3) has had some positive studies but has not been validated as effective.

There are some non stimulant ADHD medications. You might talk to your doc about them.

So far, the only things that are shown to be effective treatments are medication and behavior therapy.

There are some other things in the pipeline that look interesting but their effectiveness has not been established.

Here is a good discussion alternative treatments.

Complementary and alternative treatments, how to judge.
From the National Resource Center on ADHD.

Good luck, I raised a child with epilepsy and know some of the struggles and difficulties.


03-07-10, 11:05 AM
I just starting giving my 8 yr old daughter vaxa attend. She's been taking fish oil for about 9 months. It helped with her sensory issues with clothes, but her moods are now very irritable over little things. She is a bit hyper and has focusing problems. She also has symptoms of depression and anxiety. I will post if I see any positive results.

03-09-10, 02:18 PM
Hi I am a new poster. My step-son has been seeing a naturopath for more than a year. We have seen a lot of improvement with him during this time. He is taking fish oil and l-tyrosine among other things. He also has diet restrictions (very little sugar, no red dye etc) Alternative treatment is hard work but it has been very rewarding. You won't see an immediate change with vitamins, but you will see one. We have custody of my step-son, but he occasionally has extended visits with his mother who doesn't give him his vitamins. After he comes back and the 2-3 weeks following he is almost too much to handle.

All I ever read is that alternative treatment does not work so don't bother trying. That is really disappointing to see that so many parents are willing to give up on their kids and to feed them speed to force them to conform to what society expects them to be. My son is so bright and so creative.. I would never want to mess with that. We still have some problems with him staying on task in school. But we are working with his teacher and his naturopath. We will be doing food allergy testing next. If you're up to the challenge of some hard work, I say go for it. Please don't try to do it alone, a naturopath is the way to go. I hope I helped some. Good luck to you.

03-09-10, 02:24 PM
Oh, btw.. we have not seen any negative effects. No irratability, no upset stomach, no sleeplessness.. just our sweet little boy less hyper and better able to sit down and read a book for a 1/2 hr lol. We did notice his eczema disappeared after the first couple weeks and he hasn't had a single ear infection. Coincidence? Could be, but I don't know.

03-09-10, 10:37 PM
Has your daughter been diagnosed with ADHD?

My 7 year old son is currently not on medication, but his ADHD is mild.

In conjunction with behavior modification techniques, he takes fish oil (Carlson's Very Finest -liquid), vitamin B-6 and Pedi-Activ, which is DMAE and Phosphatidylserine. I am planning on adding magnesium, above what he gets in his multivitamin. Unrelated to ADHD, he also takes 1000mg per day of Vit D, liquid drops.

We have seen good results since his diagnosis, but I cannot be sure what has made the difference. My gut feeling is that mostly it's been the behavior modification techniques, but I really can't say for sure.

read the info posted under 'Dizfriz's Corner', which is located as a sticky in the General Parenting section. It's great info and will help you understand the ADHD child better...

04-01-10, 08:48 AM
Hi i am so new to this site but i thought it would be helpful for me to communicate with other dealing with the same thing as i am. I am so frustrated!! My son has adhd and odd. We have tried several different medications and are going today for a new one. I just started trying to the the "natural thing" meditation classes, accupuncture, flaxseed, and acai juice. Hopefully something will give.

04-01-10, 08:57 AM
LynneC, Carlson's had a cod liver oil with flavor (e.g. lemon) for adults or children that would give you the D without an extra supplement.

04-01-10, 09:45 AM
My parents wasted decades/huge piles of money on natural remedies.

Nothing worked. The natural variance of my symptoms would often give us hope that something was working but it was wishful thinking/placebo.

If there had been a choice back then, I would hope my parents were Informed enough to get me on the meds as soon as possible. I am still "me", just more so.

04-01-10, 03:54 PM
So far, my daughter aged 8, is doing well. We added 2 vaxa attends twice per day to the 2 fish oil tablets she already takes each day. It's been about a month with the added vaxa attend. We also started seeing a social worker. Her moods/irratibility has been much better. Not sure if it's the fact that we changed her morning & bedtime routine or the Vaxa Attend.

04-01-10, 07:03 PM
When looking at natural alternatives, ADHD specific behavior management is something worthwhile to consider.

Behavior management is a powerful tool for dealing with ADHD. It is not as powerful as medication but is powerful enough to make significant changes in ADHD children.

With less severe cases, it is often powerful enough to allow the child to delay moving to medications and in some cases can result in the kid not having to take medication through the entire school experience.

For the more severe cases, medication is almost always indicated. This is not as we want it to be, but it is what he have for now. Having said that the combination of medication and behavior management are extremely powerful tools in helping ADHD children and is the most effective way we know of working with this population. At times, good behavior management can result in smaller dosages of medication being needed.

I would suggest that any parent of an ADHD child look into behavior management. An individually crafted behavior management plan can make life much easier for both ADHD kids and the parents. As an additional benefit, the principles work pretty well with any child ADHD or not.

I gave a basic introduction into the basics of ADHD management in my corner. You can find it at

My suggestion is to read the 30% rule and the time sense article to help in understanding your ADHD child. Then focus on the article "ADHD Children and Point of Performance and External Consequences". This is the basic foundation of ADHD behavior management and would be a good starting place to learn about the subject.

You can find a more detailed presentation in this transcript of a workshop by Russell Barkley. Barkley is considered by most to be, by far, the top person in the field of ADHD and many, including myself, consider this transcript to be the best write up on ADHD available on the internet. It is dated 2000 but most of the data is still basically pretty good. I do warn however that this is forty pages long and Barkley is information dense. It can be a bit of a struggle to work though so take your time. It is, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others, very much worth the effort. It has probably been of more help to the parents of ADHD children than any other thing I know. I am going to suggest you start with this overview and then download or read the article from there. Barkley's work is the foundation of most all of the current methods of ADHD behavior management.

The part on behavior management begins on page 26.

Presenting this material and finding that it has helped many parents is one of my real pleasures of the last few years.


04-02-10, 10:33 PM
Just saw the social worker today and I asked her opinion. Is my daughters improvement due to the changes in her morning/bedtime routine or the Vaxa Attend.
She thought the Vaxa Attend is playing a role in her improved moods. My daughter even said she can concentrate better at school and school seems easier. I am going to continue to give her the attend and fish oil and the morning/bedtime rountines since things are going so well.

04-03-10, 11:30 PM

I have been taking omega-3's for a few months and have just started my (6-year-old) daughter on some gummies, which she takes and likes (her sister likes them enough to take them too, although she doesn't need them!). For me, they have seemed to make a difference in a very steady and noninvasive way, and I feel quite confident in giving them to my daughter and dare say that I do notice a difference in her already. Your daughter might need some other treatment as well, but I am glad things are going well for her for now. Good luck!