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mrs. dobbs
03-08-10, 11:40 AM
Anyone use one of these?

My husband's brother gave us one for Christmas (thanks!). It's painful, I like the pain. It really makes me euphoric, quiets my negative thoughts and I feel noticeably different for a while...

...then there's a really steep comedown. I don't know if it's the being in the present part or the withdrawal from endorphins part. My husband's mom told us about a couple who actually had a fight over who got to use the mat.

03-08-10, 11:49 PM
Sorta looks like a thermarest mat with beer/soda caps upside down on it.

Not sure what the look on this fella's face is all about... could be the mat... could be the fact that someone seems to have stolen his clothing... or gas... :p

I can make these for anyone who wants one... I got the towels, just need to drink a couple of cases of soda pop to get the caps.:D

I like pain in certain ways also.
If I have a headache, I will often press where it hurts, making it hurt even more.

I have this thing about pressing my thumbnail into the next finger really hard until it hurts.
I usually do this when I'm nervous, or some other anxiety-riddled state of mind.

I also love to dig for splinters.

But I've never laid lain lied down on a mat with hurtful things applied to it.

03-09-10, 12:01 AM
I just checked it out... interesting

I can find them here in the states for around $54, which are promoted as the original ones.

I suppose there are knock-offs of this mat being sold as well.

Next time I have the money, I may try it out.


mrs. dobbs
03-10-10, 10:34 PM
Lol! I have done alot of things to resolve gas [montage desperate but vain efforts such as bungee jumping, eating fire and a child using my belly as a trampoline.] But those days are over! The Shakti Mat has been anecdotally proven to relieve gas pain by being two times more painful than gas! But because that pain is spread out evenly across ones back (or wherever!) via tiny plastic pricks, the body sense a signal to the brain that it's probably on fire-- the result? Pure euphoria!

03-11-10, 05:26 PM

I have one and they are great for lots of things - back and hip pain in particular.

They can also give you a lift.

The reason seem to be that the pain of the points encourages the body to increase blood flow and release hormones such as endorphins to deal with the pain.

So, if you have say back pain it will help (it does for mine) if not, then it just gives you a feel good feeling.

I often fall asleep on the mat which seems crazy but its true.

I sometimes use mine for meditation and got some specially written guided meditations at

You can buy the mats anywhere these days - just google it.

A lot of them offer a money back guarantee, so nothing to lose I guess.

All the best..Sam

mrs. dobbs
03-14-10, 04:27 PM
Oh cool, my mother has spinal stenosis. The stenosis isn't cool but that it works for back pain is cool.

It may not treat the condition itself but just might lessen her pain? I'm glad to hear it works for you. I think I'll order her one.

...or make her one out of a cushion and bottle caps, like wsmac said. ah, no I'm too lazy. Ordering it is.

So, Sam, when it gives you a lift, do you feel there's a comedown from that lift?