View Full Version : Clonidine and sun burns?

03-08-10, 10:51 PM
This may sound weird, but I wondered if anybody knows of a connection between Clonidine and sensitivity to sun?

Have you been sunburned while on Clonidine?

My 4 year old son is on Clonidine and I took him Skiing on Saturday. Unfortunately, I forgot to use sunblock and his face got burned :mad:...I still feel horrible about it. The burn wasn't too bad (no blisters or anything), but he ran a high fever for more than 24 hours and slept a lot. I can't figure out how a small sunburn on his face could have knocked him down for so long. He's been sunburned one other time and it was before we had him on Clonidine. It was a larger sunburn and probably a little worse than this one, but it didn't phase him.

Thanks in advance!