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03-09-10, 11:50 PM
Hey there everybody,
I've been taking Dexedrine for over 7 years after Adderall made me feel like crap. Recently I tried out the generic spansules (which made me feel horrible) and then Focalin 5mg tablets (which working amazingly for a few days, and now just create a ton of anxiety and make me feel like I'm more ADD). My doctor said we can try all the medications, knowing that Dexedrine Barr tabs are effective and will be my fall back medication if nothing is better than that.

Anywho, to my question...I have Blue Cross Blue Shield, and was wondering if BC/BS typically covers Desoxyn. I'm all up for trying it, and truly truly hope there is an ADD med out there that works as well as the old Dexedrine brand name tabs did (very very few peripheral side effects, total focus, and not time released so the dosage is easy to control), but not if it's going to cost $200.

How can one find out if it is covered? Their website says it's prescribed for obesity and prior authorization. Does this mean it's only covered if prescribed for obesity or that prior authorization for ADD covers it as well?

Thanks for the help y'all!

03-10-10, 02:43 PM
I too have BCBS in North Carolina. I don't know if it is different in other states but according to the Average Cost/Rx it is $810 and it says that some strengths/dosages are available generically. Now I do know that this is the price without insurance. I called my local walmart and got a price for a 30 day supply and it was less than $150. Nothing is mentioned about desoxyn not being covered.

If the medicine is listed in any way then it is covered to some extent. How much I do not know. Calling your BCBS would be your best bet to find out what is covered.

03-10-10, 03:10 PM
desoxyn is prescribed for ADHD. I tried it twice. But I dont think its best for ADHD. slow to feel the effects but they last maybe too too long.

I was also very agitated. Maybe cause it takes time to get used to it. Plus, it would be hard to downgrade to adderall or ritalin.

Plus from the looks of it, i dont think they would keep making it for long because from the trend of the adhd market they are going towards less and less potent or effective drugs for that matter. Its expensive too and most pharmacies wont even order it even if they can.

made me aggravated and using my hand made more sense to me although i didn't. I heard really good reviews and decided to try it. if it was magical and turn my life around. But not for me.

doses have synergistic effects too. say if you have tiny 5 mg tab that lasted 6 hours. 10 mg lasted 20 hours. my experience. My regular adderall dose is 80 mg IR. its more hard core and has more oxidative stress and side effects compared to amphetamines. because the methyl group in (methamphetamines) makes it fat soluble so its gonna be in your body for a while. and you dont have to play with the pH in the stomach that much to get better absorption. trust me that methyl group would make it stay there (unless if your body is fat free)

one side effect i experienced was a huge spike in libido. I think if I stayed on it I would start watching porn.
On the long run, libido must go down cause it not a free ride.

03-16-10, 02:26 AM
As far as how it all went, after telling him Focalin made me feel like my mind was racing about a million miles per hour we decided to start off with 20mg/day of Desoxyn.

It's a $50 copay, which is fantastic. First I went to Walgreens where the pharm tech guy pretty much lied to me (I'm really good at reading body language), telling me "we just got our shipment in and it'll take two weeks to get should go somewhere else." So, you're telling me if you run out of ibuprofen or birth control pills those customers wait 2 weeks to get them in? don't deserve my time or business. They just lost it.

Then I realized BCBS works with Caremark, who owns CVS. Went there, the lady was super polite informing me very nicely it'll take until they get another delivery on Thursday and to come by around 9am, calling me by my name and (again) being super nice.

Makes me remember why I never used to go to Walgreens in the first place before Dexedrine brand tabs were discontinued. They make so many excuses. CVS has always had much better customer service, living up to the "convenience, value, service" acronym. Walgreens' employees seem, in general, to be quite lazy probably due to the fact that they simply hire more pharms. than any other chain.

Josh: Thanks for the advice; seems like your medication may have been speaking, to be honest....really don't see how it was relevant. A little TMI, heh.

03-16-10, 10:48 AM
I think it depends on the pharmacist not the pharmacy. I had terrible experience with a pharmacist working at CVS the next month another pharmacist was nice and helpful at the same store.

Ordering controlled substance is pain the butt for pharmacists. There is a protocol that they have to follow with ordering, book keeping, updating data base. And store it in a locker. If it went missing (like theft by other people working) it his/her responsibility.

Legally, they have to order whatever you have on the script whether they have it or not. Its illegal for them to refuse to order unless they are suspicious and they call you doctor. But after that, they have no right to refuse to order.

They say two weeks so you can go somewhere else. ask to speak to the manager and after pep talk and they will not give you excuses anymore.

Best way to be honest is to go somewhere else. having a good and understanding pharmacist is important. Just like having a good doctor.

03-16-10, 01:17 PM
Just for comparison's sake:

At 20mg/day for 30 days without insurance it would cost me $409.73; at 30mg/day it's around $614. That's wonder it's not prescribed very often...

03-22-10, 11:27 PM
I've never tried it. But reading this thread I was curious, so I looked it up in my insurance packet. My health insurance (United Health) brochure lists it as covered in the Tier 1 category (which is the lowest cost generic) and lists it as "methamphetamine HCI tablet." Maybe that isn't the same thing....

03-23-10, 05:14 AM
it is.

03-25-10, 09:46 PM
Just about a 1/2 hour ago, the House passed the final part of the new health care bill ........( cover your ears, YAYAYAYAY !!!!) and so it might take a while but it looks as if I will finally be able to get some sort of help with doctor bills and meds cost........and perhaps then I will be able to switch to desoxin .....whooppeee .......

.......I am currently prescribed 80mg of Dex, ( 10mg, IR) and will probably boost to 90 or 100mg at my next visit.......and while it is much much much better than being limited to 60mg a day, as many of us know, the Barr dex is sub-parr, and frankly I don't trust it........besides which, those yahoos could decide to stop making it any time they feel like it and then where would I be????

......Desoxin has been made for many years by a reputable company and is consistant and well-made.....I would much prefer to be taking a brand name when it comes to these kind ( or any prescription kind for that matter) of ddrugs...........

04-07-10, 10:36 PM
desoxyn from my understanding is only approved for prescribing by your psych if and only when uve exhausted all other stims (from shi33y adderall to dex to focalin etc...) so as long as uve tried each one, u have the option to ask for tryin this. as i am (ps barr dex isnt dex i dont think anymore, since those cheap israeli bastages at teva got their hands on "quality" control and production, its worthless, like i mentteiond, i took double my dose (my am and pm together) and NOTHING, no effect, maybe just peeing a little and being a bit more awake

06-19-10, 05:28 PM
what about NYS Medicaid?


My first post....

just curious

06-22-10, 02:01 PM
I was taking GlaxoSmithKline Dexedrine IR when it was taken off the market. I was very disappointed since it was the only thing that worked for me after having tried everything else. I did some research and discovered Desoxyn. Although my therapist never heard of it she was willing to try. At first it didn't seem to be working as well because I didn't get the same buzz from it as I did from the Dex. But I soon realised it worked just as well, if not better, without the jittery feeling or the heart palpitations or sweating. I have Oxford insurance and my copay for brand name Desoxyn is $50. Mylan is making a generic version which I'm sure is cheaper but I am wary of generics so I haven't tried it yet. Desoxyn is an approved treatment for ADHD so every insurance plan should cover it.

07-02-10, 12:54 AM
Just randomly browsed into this thread and a semirelated thought popped up. Make sure you're aware of any limitations on your drug insurance plan for yearly maximums. The half-decent (in a sense just comparing the different levels of hell) plan I'm on (via BCBSTX) still has something like a $3500 maximum yearly limit on drugs, so just make sure you're not going to run into a wall later on.

Glad I skimmed into this thread though, because the sound of a generic is promising! For the longest time I 'd been figuring that since this drug was just such an outlier when there's all the drug of the days flooding the market

Still means battling the status-quo of doctors (and not due to malicious reasons) being completely out of touch with 'older' medications such as this particular one when they're constantly bombarded with Vyvanse branded clipboards and boxes of Concerta branded kleenex (etc). Having a generic around is always an advantage due to being able to use the "but I can't afford much..." leverage to move medication discussion into an area previously ignored.