View Full Version : Recently diagnosed ADHD-just started on Focalin XR

03-12-10, 01:40 PM
33 year old Male here. Just recently diagnosed with ADHD inattentive type after suffering for many years.

My doctor has been awesome; after discussing the issues I'm having he referred me to a behavioural health specialist, who to be honest, had me take the tests and shuffled me out of the door pretty fast. My results got sent to my doctor and indicated that I had moderate to severe ADHD coupled with possible mild depresion.

Went to see my doctor yesterday about treatment and he asked if I knew anything about meds (he seems pretty clued up regarding the different meds). I told him I had researched extensively and said i'd be most comfortable with trying Focalin XR or Vyvanse, but would prefer to start with Focalin. Basically, he is open and fine with me suggesting stuff, which is nice. He wrote me a prescription for 10mg there and then.

So, today is my first day. Took it first thing this morning on an empty stomach. Felt a little something within an hour. Felt less agitated maybe. Had a little bad interactions. No noticable increase on focus or concentration. Bit of a dry mouth. Decreased appetite somewhat. Personally, I think 10mg is way too low. I understand the need for steadily increasing doses, but what would be people's opinion on taking 2x 10mg to test resistance?