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~ M.
03-14-10, 12:52 PM

I am twenty four years of age and have suffered from this disorder for a lifetime. I was never allowed medical attention because of my Father. As a result I was always viewed as intelligent, bright, and worst of all, had "potential". The teachers could clearly see that I was gifted, as I failed all my classes in this state of "potential", they had suggested I see a psychologist.

I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at a young age and was still denied medication. The reason that I was given by my Father is that it was being given to every child and this disorder did not exist. This is rather hilarious because he also has this disorder, it has always been clear to me and he lives in a delusional state of mind. The rambling from subject to subject, never finishing a project, fighting with his wife because he does not want to be wrong, destroying a home because of his pride. Anyways...

I have only been on medication for around two years and with this late boost I was able to work for myself and finish college. The side effects of Ritalin were bad, I was trading one sickness for another, at the end of the two year mark I had made a decision to get the best medication possible. Desoxyn...


Desoxyn, thus far, is the best medication that I have used for Attention Deficit Disorder. It provides a clear mind for the user in a relatively low dosage with no jittery effects. The most important impact Desoxyn has had is the release from side effects of other medications.


The dosage that I am starting off at is 5 mg twice daily. At this point in time I feel that 15 mg's would be the most effective for me. The onset is slow and allows one to ease into focus and it wanes the same way. The problem with this is that you slowly succumb to a state of retardation. Before you know it, you lose all of your powers of thought and clarity.


Take one dose of Desoxyn and find out exactly what the onset is for you, follow your mental path, try to precisely pinpoint when the effects begin to fade. I feel that your effective doses should overlap so you have no loss of clarity.

The first dose that you take is always going to be different, it may be powerful, it may actually give you energy. But if you are truly suffering from this disorder than this feeling of "speed" will fall off in the next day or so.

Desoxyn is not a motivator, it is for clarity, if you notice people looking for a "jolt" or "motivation", this is a good indication that they are not suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. I have seen a lot of this on the ADDForums and a lot of misdiagnosed or depressed individuals just want to get high. If you need something to get up in the morning, if you need to speed your way through the day, you are suffering from something else and it will catch up with you.

Previous Medication:

[Ritalin] I have not been freezing cold or blue, I have no heart palpitations, I do not stutter, I have regained my libido, I can focus on more than one thing, I have no sudden or instantaneous bowel movement, no pointless anxiety, less removed from society. [Ritalin]

[Citalopram] This is a horrible drug and I regret ever taking it. The use of this medication led me into a repressed state. I was perfectly content with everything that happened, there was no drive or motivation in life. In combination with Ritalin this is the perfect libido killer. Citalopram is very hard to stop because of the nausea, rage, depression, suicidal thoughts, and brain shocks. [Citalopram]

These medications inherently work by blocking off the natural processes of the body. They are not effectively absorbed into the body and cause many ill side effects. Perhaps the receptor that they are blocking is trying to eradicate Serotonin or Dopamine because they are not meant to be used. Let us say that they are not just destroyed because there is too much in the brain, but are destroyed instead because they are damaged or flawed. Wouldn't that be interesting?


The insomnia that I have experienced while taking Desoxyn is familiar to that of Citalopram. The first few nights of taking either was interesting, I wanted to sleep but was not all that concerned with it, either. Now that a few days have gone by I am returning to a normal sleep pattern with the assistance of "Super Snooze". This is an all natural supplement provided by Puritan's and is my most effective sleep aid in a natural form.

By taking prescription sleep aides you are perverting the balance that you are trying to attain. The groggy feeling that is apparent with over the counters and prescriptions change the way your medication feels. I would remember that there are always consequences for the easiest ways out.


Excedrin, alcohol, opiates. These all increase heart rate in a way that may result in palpitations and infarction. The enzymes blocked in the liver by Excedrin is a bad idea for those using Desoxyn. Alcohol has been known to increase heart rate by 24 beats while using meth-amphetamine hcl as compared to those using methamphetamine hcl alone. Opiates again result in an unsteady rhythm for those not using stimulants, even more so for those using them.



The following with assist the user with consistent levels of effectiveness. Liquid amino acid complex, b vitamin complex, protein shakes, and melatonin. The amino acid supplement will be doubly effective if it contains glutathione or methionine.


Try to avoid acidic juices, vitamin c, calcium supplements, and dairy products around your dosing intervals. Melatonin should only be taken at night time one to two hours before your bed time.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Desoxyn and its effects.

~ M.
03-14-10, 05:50 PM
There is something I would like to add and that is the best option for purchasing. Rite Aid has a discount card that will give you 15% off name brand drugs. The total cost for my prescription was $220 dollars, after taxes.

CostCo also has an uninsured prescription plan in place but the drug will still cost $250 dollars. This would be a total discount of $8 dollars, the original price is $258 dollars.

This drug is not available for mail purchase out of Canada, although it is readily available in China with no finite way of legally importing it. Every other pharmacy that I phoned had the same pricing, $258 - $263.

03-14-10, 07:18 PM
I'm glad it is improving your life....
.....meth destroyed mine.
I can't have none...I take adderrall

...interesting review.

my review would say....
...."I ate the whole bottle last night

I'm going to sleep....

....the end"

~ M.
03-15-10, 02:25 AM
Yeah, I am experienced in all things, I have never had an addiction to a drug. The one thing I have never been able to quit are Q-Tips. The second worst is coffee... I just really like coffee.

Those both have to go now. ~ sigh ~

03-15-10, 04:46 PM
Q tips?

03-15-10, 07:33 PM
I disagree in the original post in that motivation is huge problem for some with add as well as the need for clarity.

ritalin with desoxyn could be a good combo for that

04-07-10, 10:45 PM
another positive testimpny, i just hope i can continue to take it with 25mg daily zoloft, otherwise ill kick the zoloft cuz desoxyn is an antidepressant as well