View Full Version : Hey who wants to share there story, ill start

03-15-10, 05:18 PM
Hey Im new here so bear with me. My name is Ryan and I was recently diagnosed with ADHD.Im very good with computers and am 14 years old so this is the only easy way i can express my self. *** I said I was recently Diagnosed with ADHD, recently being about 1 week ago so yea. Ive always felt I had Adhd but Was told I was lazy and didnt apply my self. This is partly true due to the fact that I feel like I never you what I know to help I always get in trouple or do stupid things that i dont even know why I did. I just recently moved to florida from NJ because of difficulties with my mother and "anger" one docter diagnosed me with ODD and prescribed me depakote it didnt really help so i stopped taking it and continued to lash out at my mother punch holes in wall ect. ( nothing im proud of) Then I got a "fresh Start" in florida with my father who Ive always wanted to live with but could not because of past acohol issues. I finally moved down here and love it but When I make new friends its weird a day after i meet them or remotely feel comfortabale around them I act like a total DUMB*** and blurt out nonsesnse wich i am not bround of and have little control of. I have never really had a relationship with a girl because of my obnoxious behaviors and I am self consious about my weight, I dont know wich is worth I've wanted to get at least one of thease burdons off me for a while.(please bare with the spelling, I know its hourendous) While in school i constantly get off track and "phase" out ect,ect,ect. Eventually my dad took me to a psychyatrist a week ago and she had no doubt that I have ADHD and perscribed me 20mg vyvanse.
It finally hit me that there might be a chance to be like everyone else so i took it ive been on the meds and feal little change so I am feeling discouraged and urge to see my doctor. I also feel weird asking for her to up the dose because I have abused meds before and I dont wanna look like a drugy.I soley want my meds up so they work and i can control my frequent outbursts and be able to focus.I want to be able to have friends and not be that weird kid who just follows and I want girls not to think im so odd mentally disturbed kid:D . I also met a kid in florida who i like to call a good friend, he has ADD and is very calm but Has a much worse attention span than me, everyone likes him and he is the only reason I have "friends" here in florida.Id much rather be him he can control him self and is funny yet not immature at all.

Well I wrote alot and just to let anyone who is reading this that it makes me so much better that im letting my feelings out.