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03-16-10, 06:27 AM
Now, that I've got your eyeballs' attention, why not pop over to "The Magic Inside The Abandoned Refrigerator: And Other Cool Stories That My Dad Read To Me As A Boy"?

If you have the time, check out my all new webpage with original content added nearly every day. I've gotten some good feedback on my writing while on this site and I've decided to run with it. I've got a web comic in the works... "Into The Bleach". It's the first draft origin of a down on his luck loser who symbiotically joins with a sentient bottle of irradiated Chlorox. His name? Venice Bleach.

Pretty much, doing a trial run with it. It's essentially going to be a comedic non-sequiter driven hardboiled superhero story using filters on actual photos. Sounds weird? Well, why not give it a look and see just how weird it is. I'm also going to be intermittently posting comedic blogs with fun little graphics tossed in for spice whenever I can. So, check it out. I'd love to hear critiques, glowing praise or suggestions... Plus, if you're a shutterbug who just loves snapping pictures of him/herself, drop me a line. You could be be comic book material and not even know it yet. (