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03-17-10, 11:12 AM
I live in Scotland and am currently at the end of my string. I have two kids one 6 and the other 4, Niamh my youngest has always been, not to use the word bad but difficult to handle. In the last year things have got gradually worse, she has obsessions with food and a need to know that its always available, her tantrums are unreal at times and to be honest I can totally relate to most posts on the threads. I have spoken to our health visitor who recommended the local behaviour nurse, after a three week wait for her she spent an hour with us and decided she was not the best person to deal with it and has now recommended an evaluation with the peadiatric behavioural doctor or some long drawn out name.
Im not looking for a quick fix or even a fix at all I just want a straight answer and a way of working with my baby girl that will make her family life happy. There is so many things that she does I could write on here all day, but I wont. I suspect you have all heard them before.
I would really just love to have some advice from people in the same situation, I feel a bit like a wall flower waiting on the all powerful medical people telling me how to be a mum.
No one has ever been brave enough to commit to giving a diagnosis, they all pass the buck. I myself have went from autism to OCD and finally think I have a found a criteria she fits into with the symptoms of ADD. Although maybe Im way off the mark.
Is there anyone out there who can give me the know all and courage to make sure I have a diagnosis or even just tell me that she needs the naughty chair?
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03-17-10, 11:26 AM
Well the diagnosis, is important, but often difficult to get an accurate on for kids. Plus, they can have multiple things going on.

When you have difficult kids, different parenting techniques can help, but they wont fix everything. There are different types of therapy that can help kids with some problems. "Play therapy" is a technique often used for younger kids. However, it does not really help with ADHD, but can help with issues related to ADHD.

Having an evaluation by a Pediatric Behavioral Doctor sounds like a good plan.

Good luck.

03-19-10, 10:26 PM
If you think it is ADHD, one thing that helped while I was waiting for a diagnosis was that I gave my girl a caffeine pill in the morning. She was about sixty pounds and I gave her 100mg. It's not as good as the prescribed drugs; but it helped.

Exercise helps too, particularly outdoor exercise.

And when you need to give your elder girl some attention, it's not a crime to pop in a video. Most ADHD kids can focus on a video; and it can be a good trade-off to help get your other child what she needs too.

Melatonin still helps all three of mine sleep at night.