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03-17-10, 09:25 PM
I know a few people have used propranolol for anxiety, and I understand it helps with cases of stage fright, etc. What are some of the other positive effects (and negative, I guess)? Does it improve verbal fluency at all? Does it literally make you more confident? Does it promote mental agility in any way?

I'm having a few issues adjusting to Focalin XR, and i'm suffering from that awful 'tip of the tongue' syndrome where you have trouble grasping for words and formulating thoughts and getting them out. Also, it seems to be making my slight (already underlying) anxiety a lot more pronounced. I have to make presentations and lead a lot of meetings and conference calls at work and it's really affecting my ability to do that. It almost feels like i've been dumbed down. I can focus and not be as restless, but sometimes I find myself focusing on completely the wrong things. I would like to avoid a benzo if possible, hence my interest in beta blockers.

I have been taking ALCAR to combat the anticholinergic effects of the stim. Also tried Suntheanine to try and counter these negative effects to no avail. Cut out caffeine completely (which was a *****). I will be quitting smoking--again--pretty shortly, and getting on the patch. Hopefully that will help enhance the med, but I have my reservations about taking a ADHD stim, ALCAR, nicotine patch and propranolol...seems way too much to me.

03-18-10, 03:34 PM
its tough to understand exactly what your talking about in this post but I'll take a stab at it. From what I gather you are far more focused but your having issues socially which has been basically common for me the whole time I've taken adhd meds. What I'm trying to say is that if I dont take the meds I'm scattered and just rambling but I have no feelings or issues really speaking my mind or talking in public to people or those whom I need to speak to on a day to day basis. Yet while on adhd stims , I feel more focused but less well rounded socially . If I need to talk or say something the thoughts are there but they may come out not as smooth as they should and it presents quite a problem and needs to be addressed because what your experiencing if left not attended could really affect your productivity and the way you handle and get stuff done which in the end would directly affect your self esteem which if not addressed would lead to depression anxiety issues. If your thinking well on stims but in the process of speech are getting tongue tied and you feel your vocal cords are tight and you feel anxious this is fairly common. I would say a hypertensive like tenex would be added to counter the affect from your stimulant. Tenex or intuniv is a mild sedative used to offset the side effects of stimulant medication .. .thats it. I hear all this jazz about intuniv and so on but really all it does is counter the negative side effects from stims to give you more well rounded coverage. That means you can take the dose you need to get adhd symptom control but forego the side effects that your needed dose would create.... If that fails , an ssri may help as augmentation being that your mind needs to stay and focus on whats important. Adhd is a complex disorder don't let side effects stand in the way of global symptom control , Trust me its treatable .

03-18-10, 04:32 PM
Right. That is exactly what i'm experiencing. Without the ADHD med I am unorganized, easily distractable and lack focus/concentration, but I am fine socially and be relatively confident speaking with verbal dexterity. WITH the Focalin I am focused on tasks (I do have to train myself not to get focused and absorbed on unproductive stuff though), but along with that comes some anxiety and sometimes a total inability to speak and articulate my thought processes-almost like a brain freeze. I have never found myself struggling to find the right words in social and professional situations, but on this med I have been stumbling over my words and totally blanking on stuff. This in turn makes my anxiety worse and it's like a vicious cycle. Believe me, there's nothing worse than leading conference calls with dozens of people and having this happen! Very embarrassing. It's like I feel less quickwitted than before.

I am really hoping that this will be just an adjustment side effect to the med and it would pass once I have settled with it (and to be honest it has been better today), but if it doesn't and I can't take another med to counter it, then I think I would be better off dropping the ADHD med completely.

I guess I had too high hopes when it came to taking a stimulant. I thought it would give me razor sharp focus and allround improved cognitive performance. I wasn't prepared for this!

I looked in to propanolol because of its reputation for helping with anxiety in public speaking or stress inducing events. I will also look in to Tenex and Intuniv. Thanks for that.

03-18-10, 04:56 PM
I don't think so my friend. My advice is that you don't drop the adhd med. You don't drop something that is helping you focus . you can try and decrease the dose but trust me brother it doesn't normally help that much. I require a dose to get my brain levels normal , just like all the normal people and usually there is some social deficits that pop up when doing so . I don't think dropping your adhd medication is the solution , trust me adhd can be an evil beast and you don't wan to sit around trialing , and trialing while you know one thing works. Tenex or the extended release intuniv is rx'd to counter the negative side effects of stimulant medications. You can try tenex generic it's cheap or intuniv ( its expensive) tenex you will have to dose more often but it will save your wallet . I would stick with the focalin and go from there brotha. No use rocking a boat that is close to sailing.

03-18-10, 05:09 PM
Yeah, I see where you're coming from. It's just so frustrating!

Just been reading up on Guanfacine--looks promising! I really don't want a battle with my insurance company, so what would be your thoughts on generic? Is there a huge difference between brand and generic like there is with ADHD meds? Guanfacine looks like it could do well as a standalone ADHD med, but you think it would work best in conjunction with a stim?

03-18-10, 06:41 PM
Hi mwasnidge,

My dr. prescribed propranolol to help treat the physical symptons I get when public speaking - racing heart, sweaty palms, blushing, voice quivers, etc. Unlike an anti-anxiety medication which is meant to eliminate the anxiety, it is my understanding that Propranolol addresses the actual physical symptoms one gets in anxiety-producing situations. In terms of this medication helping with my focus/concentration, when I'm public speaking I think it does help with the focus, but I think that is only because I am better able to concentrate on my subject matter vs. being totally consumed by a racing heart, blushing face and quivering voice. I take one small dose (can't think of dosage) about an hour or so before I need to make a speech, which is at best only a couple times a month. It really helps me. I also take adderall 20 mg/day to manage my ADD. P.S. - As I'm no doctor, this is just my experience with this medication! You should speak to your doctor as he/she would know best!

03-18-10, 08:47 PM
I think tenex or intuniv would be best with or in conjunction with stimulants. As a standalone it would be weak vs stimulants.

03-19-10, 10:34 AM
Thanks for the input! When I next speak to my doctor I will ask about incorporating Intuniv. I will probably trial that, and if it works, I will give the generic Guanfacine a try and see if it measures up.

tulips: thanks for your feedback on Propranolol. I might ask for it to have on hand for when I have stressful events. Then again, if both Propranolol and Intuniv lower BP, that wouldn't be a good idea.

06-24-10, 08:31 PM
Propanolol is a love/hate relationship for me:
1. 29 years old at 20 - 30 mgs per day (love ole' Inderal esp. with PTSD stressor blocking abilities - removes "memories from the day of Panic Attack/Traumatic stuff" for me...Add Klonopin for over what hmm 6 years...@ 2 MG per day - 5 Panic Attacks within 6 years - awesome compared to before...(LOVE)

2. I was taking Wellbutrin for about a year at a high dose to assist finding "the inner me" - it did the part it was supposed to do (LOVE)

3. I can not STRESS (ironic!) enough that taking Adderall and or Dexedrine with Wellbutrin at ANY dose can and WILL cause HTN (High Blood Pressure)! NO MATTER WHAT AGE! AHHHHHhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. I was like "why do I keep feeling like I am going to pass out, had to lay down and could hear a buzzing sound for hours?" = You guessed it - WB - Stim Family + Adderall and or Dexedrine - Stim Family; would almost black out going from 450 mgs of WB per day in 2nd, 3rd month then down to One 75 mg. instant release tablet because of numbers 3 and 4 (I later learned)

Back to the original question: Positives and Unique Characteristics of Inderal (Propanolol)?

1. No recurrent PTSD nightmares anymore even with Klonopin before!
2. Complete "serenity" around 40 minutes after taking a 10 mg. instant release generic Propanolol
3. "Serenity" as defined as My Hands are No Longer Sweaty, My Heart does not Feel like it is Walking Ahead of Me, I can actually FOCUS BETTER (sorry others that can't), No Buzzing in Ears unless too much Caffeine (easily manageable), I enjoy talking more BECAUSE as another member stated to the effect of: "I am not focusing on my physical /bodily signs of nervousness, et all"; I just feel all-around better! :P
4. Interestingly, if I am already tired though (ie, not enough sleep the night before, ONE tablet can really set me back in the energy dept.)
5. My "hyperactive" definitions of AD/HD disappear which is NICE for EVERYYYYYYONE around me (haha - wink - some of us know what that might mean!)

So, sure, other people much older than I say "whoa" I can not believe you are on blood pressure medicine at your age. But Guess What? It Does Not Bother Me...Imagine That! ;)

09-24-10, 10:21 AM

I take Adderall XR 20mg x 2 daily and Propananol 80mg once daily. The former I take for ADD and the latter I take for something called Mild Essential Tremor where my hands shake for no reason at all. I've been wondering myself whether they counter-act but the consensus on google searches is that Adderall takes partly away from the Prop, but not the other way around.

I hadn't heard that Prop assisted with ADD too much. It can cause fatigue in some people, but you can usually tell quickly if that is the case. It can come in the brand-name of Inderal and apparently in the UK the generic versus the brand makes a big difference.