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03-20-10, 12:09 AM
Alright, I've posted here before.
I'm almost 18, I have Tourette's, Anxiety Problems(OCD, SAD, GAD), and an attention problem NOS as of yet (could be ADD, could be anxiety-related...not yet sure)

Anyway, right now I am on
-0.1mg 3x daily of Clonidine for TS
-20mg 1x evening of Citalopram for Anxiety problems
(I was also taking a small amount of Risperidal for about a year or two, but he took me off b/c he didn't think I needed it anymore)

Further background:
My doctor is talking about eventually (in next little bit, probably) taking me off the Citalopram and, when approved in Canada, he's talked about changing Clonidine to Intuniv (guanfacine XR) -on the assumption that it'd help not only with Tics, but with attention as well.

Now, I have no problem with trying out new things and I'm just saying the last part about Intuniv for future reference...

As of now, there is some sort of back log in Canada in which they don't have enough Clonidine and I therefore, cannot be medicated... (and apparently this problem will be ongoing) :mad:

So, my real question is, are there any medications you would suggest for TS? I know it's ultimately what my doc and I feel comfortable with, but I just want to do some research first...

I'm not really looking for help with attention right now, though that would be a bonus.

I see my doctor on Wednesday and I'll be doing some researching until then, but I'd like some educated(personal rather than informed preferably) opinions as to what to look into.

Anyway, help is appreciated