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03-20-10, 11:26 AM
Has anybody else tried Walk it Out for the Wii? I've been using it for about a month and love it. It's kind of funny after reading the reviews one of the things people are complaining about it that it didn't come with good directions. I thought this was great since I probably would not have read them anyway. Part of the fun has been trying figure out how to play the game too.

03-20-10, 01:38 PM
I haven't tried it (I don't have a Wii) but please tell me that Liz doesn't come with the package?

03-20-10, 01:51 PM
Luckily she's not one of the choices for your "walking partner".

This review is funny!

03-20-10, 02:06 PM
Ha ha... I like that guy's humour :-)